My Professional Facebook Journey… So Far

When I first posted it was something that I was asked to share for students about an upcoming event. There was little direction and approval was not necessary. I started asking questions.

How are posts approved? What type of content are we posting? Who can all post on the page? While I got answers they were pretty vague, the part that was clear was that we wanted to reach students and let them know about resources available to them as well as upcoming events.

I had read that posting regularly would help increase reach. I decided to post twice a week at least. Posting about the Shared Pantry and free groceries got a few extra views possibly from the hashtags or maybe just that is a concern of those who viewed it.

The insights had gone up significantly. This fueled my motivation and I wanted it to continue to go up. I started brainstorming with my coworkers. I wanted ideas on what to post and how could we continue to grow our following.

Looking at the initial numbers we can see that all areas grew substantially but it would not take much to have it grow that amount. Sustaining growth of that size would nearly impossible but it is a good nudge in the right direction.

The next set of numbers are not as impressive. Actually, the numbers disappointed me a bit. I was posting regularly and creating events but was not getting the reach I wanted on these regular posts. I needed to change something and make the page more personal. I wanted a more human element.

Spring break was upon us and we were a bit slower in the office. We wanted to let students we were their for them if needed during this time and decided to create a post saying so much.

My coworker took a picture of me sitting behind the desk waving. I hated it the moment I say it. Yes, it said, “Hi, were here for you.” It also looked staged. I had no intention of using that picture and decided we would take someone else’s picture…then the phone rang.

I actually liked the picture and posted it then shared on my personal Facebook accounts. Our reach climbed again!

I had a theory and had to put it to the test. Two days later I posted a picture of a coworker and had her share it to her personal Facebook and got the same results as with the picture of me. Both posts had a reach over 1,000!

I kept to the plan posting twice a week, however, there was a new detail added to the plan. I decided to announce to the team we were going to do a feature each week on one of the staff. Monday Meet the Staff would introduce the team member highlighting what they do for the team. The plan is for everyone to share their Monday Meet the Staff on their personal Facebook creating greater reach.

One thing I learned during this was images do not transfer well from phone to messenger. The images are grainy and cropping is not easy. You would want to email the full image from your phone or use a camera.

Another thing that comes in handy when creating a post is knowing the dimensions of the platform you are posting to. I used a blog post from Hootsuite to ensure the images I was going to use would fit. This was especially important with the first Monday Meet the Staff because I used Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance the image and add graphics.

Most recently, I did an impromptu Snap to promote open shopping at the Shared Harvest food pantry. I shared this to both Snap Chat public and the NWTC Student Support Services Facebook page. The post did not get a reach of 1,000 but it did reach more than 300. Creating posts which regularly get a reach more than 50, or better yet 100, is the goal. We want to reach as many students, and perspective students as we can.

“Our reach climbed again! “

~ Mae Cornelius

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  1. This is great!! The power of social media is crazy! I am glad your posts are reaching further and further. Keep up the good work!


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