Over the span of this course, I’ve learned quite a lot on how social media functions. The numerous topics covered have not only given me insight on the details of how social media works, but also how it affects us.

Something I would like to take from this course is how to grow a small platform. Where that will be, I’m not sure; but I’d like to develop some amount of presence simply to assist my freelance work down the line. Learning about content marketing in particular has made me eager to do so; I avoided posting works publicly due to a lack of understanding of how to go about it, so the reassurance is helpful.

I’d love to take inspiration from some of my favorite artists, as well! They put a lot of work into their pages, showing their audiences a lot of the lovely work they do. One of my favorite artists, Mazamuno (MZMN for short) uses Carrd to create their portfolio, and they put that in their social media bios for easy access. Information contained within Carrd depends on how the user formats it, but I’d like to incorporate a similar connection to my portfolio as well during the strategy I end up choosing. These are some examples of their portfolio page!

examples of mzmn’s carrd

Being able to measure success and gauge where I am relative to my goals will help me improvise to make things easier on both myself and anyone who would be interested in that sort of content. As things develop, opening commissions and things of that nature is highly possible, and I’d love doing that at some point. Other strategies from Digital Marketing Essentials (another course in the program) may also be applicable in creating this page. Using my inspirations, of which I have too many to list, I’d like to come up with something that represents me and allows me to showcase my work to those who are similar in taste.

Something I’m curious about is which platform is best suited for this? ArtStation comes to mind, but that’s more professional than social. More social platforms could be Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, but of those, which would be the most favorable? I’m not sure, so maybe I’ll examine things before I get started, and find what site is most fitting for my kind of content.

I learned a lot from this course, and I’m very satisfied overall with it. I’m excited for the things I can do with these newfound abilities, and I’m hoping they can be used successfully down the line. It makes me more excited than scared for the future, social media-wise. I hope you all enjoyed the course as much as I did!