Enlightened in 8 short weeks

            When I decided to take social media marketing, my expectations were not that high on learning something new. Social media has been around for many years and the only thing that seems to change is the different platforms that become available. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. In 8 short weeks my eyes have been opened to social media marketing behind the scenes. Things that nobody sees or hears about are happening ever day as social media influencers post a new video or collaborate with other influencers.

            If you haven’t heard about the plethora of social media platforms you may be living under a rock. The most recent trending platform has been TikTok, and as you may know, it has taken the world by storm. According to hubspot.blog.com, “TikTok is the number one platform marketers are increasing their investments in for 2022, Today, marketers say it’s the fourth most effective social media platform behind Instagram, FB, and YouTube. That puts it ahead of established platforms like Twitter and Pinterest.” Investing in a social media platform especially in today’s day and age would be a very smart move. Everybody is learning from everybody and finding what works best and what doesn’t. Things are ever changing and if you don’t find out what is working for you, the trends will overcome and overwhelm you.

TikTok Trends B2B and B2C Marketers Should Watch in 2022 (hubspot.com)

            While some may find this hard to believe, a lot of the success and hard work comes from social media marketing. The team in the background that digs into the data that makes the platform successful. What’s working, what’s not? What can be adjusted to improve the overall reach. This is a small snip of the questions that we have learned to ask in the 8 weeks that we had with Ronnie in our social media class. Ask questions, dig deeper, and make your points thorough and to the point. If there is something that I have learned, there is always room for improvement.

            According to martech.org, “Marketers that are available to personalize digital interactions through the latest influencing strategies and technologies will have the best chance of succeeding in the wake of social media trends in 2022 and beyond.” What I have found in the hustle and bustle of social media is that if you don’t stay on top of trends and what is happening you will fall behind fast. Staying competitive with all that is changing in the world, adapting your posts, seeing what is working how you can stay on top of all.

3 social media trends impacting marketing in 2022 (martech.org)

            One thing that really kept me interested in this course until the end has been the ability that our instructor gave us to relate real life experiences in our assignments. How we were able to take knowledge that we already have and turn it into a learning experience. With all the changes through social media we have lived through it only makes sense to be able to use that knowledge to teach others about it. My social media experience started over 15 years ago when myspace was the new “thing” to have. I had no clue what went into the social media marketing that went into things back then. I am still amazed to this day that what we knew back then definitely shaped the way that we social media these days.             In conclusion, after 8 weeks in social media marketing, my mind has been intrigued and I give them full credit for what they do and how they do it. I have not done this amount of research ever, and it wasn’t research that I didn’t want to do. The deeper that I dug into an article the more interesting it became. The more that I wanted to read older articles and find out what was working and how that company overcame their trials and tribulations. It all starts with a lot of trial and error, make a post and see what type of response you get. Adjust it and do it again over and over again. I will take this knowledge with me for many, many years and continue to grow as a marketing professional.