What’s the bare minimum?

            It’s a Friday night, you are getting ready for date night. Makeup scattered on the counter, clothes all over the floor, trying to find the perfect thing to wear for your rare night out. Your husband is in the living room telling you to hurry up before you miss your reservations for dinner. This is the night you have both been looking forward, a night away with plans to have amazing food at a highly recommended restaurant.

            Your expectations are already at an all time high, rave reviews, and stellar recommendations from close friends. What could possibly go wrong? They have to know what they are doing right? One could hope that you chose the right place at the right time. You hear your name called, and it’s time to see what the craze is all about.

            The dining experience begins, and it’s off with a bang. Every staff member is friendly, you get your food in a timely matter, drinks are refilled right away, and plates are cleared. You couldn’t ask for a better experience. The anticipation of the perfect night left you feeling satisfied and ready to leave a dazzling review with plate recommendations. You want to thank the chef and let the manager know what a skilled team they have.

            According to revechat.com, “Understanding what good customer service is and knowing how it is closely associated with overall business, help companies to build strong client relationships.” This was proved through and through as the night went on during this date night. There were sure signs that who ever was running this establishment knew exactly what they were doing right, and nipping in the bud what they were doing wrong.

7 Examples of Bad Customer Service Experience (And How to Fix Them) (revechat.com)

            According to the-future-of-commerce.com, “Not everyone will love your brand. Your goal is to build a community around the niche that most resonates with your mission. This will set you up for some of the best customer service in your industry.” If there is something that they are doing right, it’s creating their word-of-mouth community. This couple decided where to have dinner based on what their close friends and reviews had told them. This restaurant lived up to the expectations that previous guests had raved about. They were consistent and followed through with everything that they did with previous guests.

Brands with the best customer service 2022: No more status quo (the-future-of-commerce.com)

            I know that when I choose a restaurant based on recommendation, my expectations are already higher then if I just chose that business based on a quick google search. Some people would think that isn’t fair to already have your standards so high when you have never even been there. When in reality, this establishment exceeded the expectations of our friends that they wanted to send business to them.

            When you enter a restaurant, you already have a pre-conceived “judgement,” on whether or not you will have a pleasant dining experience or not. Unfortunately, the restaurant is already in an uphill battle with what you think of the place as soon as you walk in, either you enjoyed how it looked, or you thought it lacked in first impressions. Consistency and follow through will always win the game.

            This particular restaurant showed up and followed through enough to have its customers tell friends and family to dine here, as their experience was enough to pass the good customer service test. Truth be told, finding even the bare minimum of customer service is very few and far between.

            One thing that has stuck out to me in my most recent dining experiences is that a lot of businesses are just trying to make it too tomorrow. In the majority of recent news articles, you will find the lack of customer service having a lot to do with the pandemic. How places have been affected and finding people to give even the bare minimum is an absolute nightmare.

            The sheer fact that you have to do research these days to see what the reviews are so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time or money in astonishing. You used to be able to walk into a restaurant and know exactly what you were going to get. The odds of getting bad customer service were significantly lower than they are today. Not only is it hard to find good customer, but it is hard to consistently find it. What you had today will more then likely not be what you will have the next time around.


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  1. I still tend to go off what my close friends and relatives say about food joints. A lot of reviews on social media, google, yelp, etc seem to be emotional reactions rather than thoughtfully expressed opinions. That is pretty much how everything seems to be these days, especially on the Internet. I feel the pandemic has been a huge factor in poor customer service. Peoples’ personal beliefs seem to override decent service and courtesy in a lot of our lives today. As much as social media can help a business, it sure can be ruined by a handful of bad targeted reviews


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