What social media marketing has taught me 

Social media is a major part of many people’s lives. It is a constantly evolving and changing format. Social media marketing showed me how while every changing social media is a powerful tool. Social media marketing went through what does and does not work when looking to expand a business on social media. Whether it is using social media for customer service, statistical analysis, or a better way to advertise social media can be anything you need it to be with the right tools and the right plan. Social media marketing showed me that social media can be used in these ways and helped me understand the best way to go about using them. 

When it comes to customer service social media is one of the best tools to help you connect with your customers. You can use social media to help consumers make more informed decisions about your products and can lead to them relating to other users. With social media set as you may way of finding out the latest information about you and your products, it gives your consumers an easy place to ask questions, allowing you to make future products clearer and more improved. Customer service can make or break a consumer’s confidence in your products, making finding a valuable tool to avoid confusion among new and long-term customers vital. An article by Zendesk blog said,

“Convince & Convert reported that not answering a customer complaint on social media lowers consumer loyalty by 50%.”


Showing the power connected consumers can have on your brand’s image. Social media can be the tool to help you increase the positivity of your brand’s image and more when used with customer service in mind. 

With social media being as big as it is, with over 3.6 billion people using social media in 2020 (Statista), social media is the perfect place to run statistical analysis of what works best with your customer base or who makes up your customer base. Social media not only gives you a way to gauge engagement through likes, shares, and comments but can also allow you to see through analytics what posts work and what posts do not. This can make finding what your customer enjoy easier to find and can help you see what they do not enjoy seeing. This can help you evolve not only the content you output to social media but what your products do as well. By using statistical analysis, you can make a better plan to achieve what you want from social media and can continue to use that plan moving forward even as social media changes. 

Finally, social media is one of the best ways to advertise your business or products. This is because social media does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Since social media is used to connect people together, once a post or product becomes popular it will spread with easy and can enter spreading word of mouth even faster. Social media platforms also offer special ways to spread your posts for you. Facebook allows you to boost your posts for a small fee which can save you money and allow you to promote even small events without having to make a whole ad campaign. The social pilot made an article detailing the power of Facebook boosts. In the article they described

“Available to anyone with a business page, Boost posts offers a hassle-free way of advertising on Facebook as you do not need knowledge of Ads Manager. You simply pick a post from your page’s timeline and click on the Boost Post button.”

Social Pilot

Facebook boosting is one of the easiest ways to use social media to advertise and shows how when, done correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for business. Social media’s lack of cost and large following is what makes social media one of the best ways to advertise. 

Social media marketing showed me how each of these is a separate way you can use social media to help you and your business succeed. From using it as a tool for customer service and statistical analysis to being one of the best ways to advertise your business. Social media is powerful if you have a plan and know how you want to use it. Social media marketing showed me not only that social media could be used in these ways but gave me the best ideas on what does and does not work when using social media in these roles. Social media is a major part of many people’s lives and while it continues to change it will always be a powerful tool.  

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  1. Great job! I find it so crazy that if customer service issues aren’t solved, the loyalty depletes by 50%! Would you look into solving those issues through social media as opposed to over the phone or email? Could that maybe reach more customers having issues?


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