Social Media Marketing Through the Lens of an Intern & Student


These past ten years I’ve had the privilege of growing up with social media. I can remember back in middle school, the first time I scrolled through the Apple store on my 3rd gen iPod, I came across Instagram and Snapchat. At the time, Instagram had started growing a following but no one had made it to Snapchat yet. I remember downloading it and then realizing awe crap, you need friends to use this then instantly deleted it. Flash forward ten years, I only use Snapchat to communicate with friends and I’m still a loyal Instagram user to this day. I still dive into Pinterest and Facebook as well. I never got into Tumblr and Twitter… and I NEVER WILL!

Our social media marketing class has taught me so much about the behind-the-scenes and the thought process that’s required. I had purposely chosen this extra class because I had just received a social media marketing internship prior to this starting. I have never taken a single marketing class in my life, and I think I’ve found my niche! Social media marketing has allowed me to bring out my creative side while also being a big ole serious business lady. What stuck out the most to me this semester was our discussions on audience, platforms, and creating a social media marketing strategy.

“Transparency may be the most disruptive and far-reaching innovation to come out of social media.”

Paul Gillin

I had never really put two and two together. That Platforms are chosen based on the audience that uses them. Now I feel after learning that, that it’s pretty obvious you’d know that. For instance, I volunteer for Howler Coffee Co. doing their social media marketing. When they had begun their social media presence, they were only on Facebook thinking everyone used it. After I took over, I used what I had learned and evaluated the audience that was attracted to their business. To their surprise and mine, their audience was adult women in their 30s. When I told them they were absolutely shocked! Being that they’re generally the stereotypical man, they thought they were attracting other men. The social media audit that me and my group did for our final presentation had also found that women tend to spend more money and drink more coffee compared to men. Luckily their audience already resides on Facebook. They did want to start reaching younger adults, so I had proposed Instagram since it’s the audience they are looking for.


When it came to creating a social media strategy, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I learned we had to gather. What intimated me the most was the social media audit. Whenever I hear the word “audit” I usually associate it with something bad. Like when a business is being audited usually everyone dramatically gasps in the movies or TV shows. Turns out it’s a detailed evaluation, which yes, is very tedious but also very important for every business. For our final project, we had to track our competitors’ analytics and B’s Brews to see what we were up against.

It was interesting learning and applying what I learned live essentially. Outside of school, I intern for The C.A. Lawton Co. located in heart of the industrial side of De Pere. On top of that, I began volunteering for Howler Coffee Co., building their social media presence. My internship has allowed me to gain a plethora of experiences in the short span of two months so far. I’ve created countless designs and copywrite. I’ve written articles, blogs, company announcements, and soon a large sustainably article series that I’m super pumped for. When I create content for Lawton, I always have to keep in mind that our audience is middle-aged men. The reason is, I thought a gif would do really well, but it completely flopped. I didn’t receive many results from that post compared to a plain ole image. I also discovered they love fiery lava pictures.

“Social media is not only more cost-effective than advertising, but it also offers great opportunities for innovative engagement with your customers.”

Richard Branson

Something I’m still curious about social media marketing is SEO. In my one-on-one with my supervisor the other day he was talking about how important of a skill it is as a social media marketer. I’ve started tinkering with my SEO on my Wix website, but it seems way more complicated than I thought it was. My supervisor had stated it’s constantly changing. I noticed Google has some certificate classes on it so I’m thinking I might dive in during the summer.

I’m sure we’ve all learned something valuable from this class, even if you aren’t going into marketing so to say. The skills we’ve obtained from writing blogs and discussion boards will be useful for our future communications. Creating our report and presentation forced us to work in teams covering some pretty tedious topics. What did you find most useful from our class even if it doesn’t directly apply to your degree?

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