Social Media Marketing Take-Aways

Social Media Marketing Take-Aways

By: Annamarie Davis

Having eight weeks to truly study and analyze what it means to market to a consumer audience, and even more so through today’s constantly changing social media technology, it has become fairly easy for me to pick up on a few key techniques and key ideas that could potentially help others in the marketing business.

As mentioned in my very first blog post, “What you Need to Know about Social-Media Marketing.”, Social Media Marketing “Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.”, previously stated by media-marketing.

Traditional marketing has been around since television, the radio, news papers, and other various media channels, but more recently, social media has begun to create a massive shift in the way consumers not only purchase items, but in how they are presented and designed to the company’s consumers, and in how they respond in regards to negative or positive feedback or commentary.

One massive reason for Social Media to have blown up the way it did is for its openness, flexibility, and fast paced flows of information directly from the company themselves. Any person of nearly any age from anywhere around the world with internet access can use social media apps (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok), making social media apps an incredibly easy place to get targeted by advertisements and other products you may have never seen before, which also allows a chance for the consumer/user to spread word of mouth about the company or their products. With Social Media Apps becoming a part of how people market their products or their business today, it is very easy for customers to comment on their page, or direct message the company, and hear a genuine and caring response back within a couple days, or instantly, rather than waiting usually what would be a week traditionally if not on Social Media.

As if in the place of a company or brands shoes, you, as the company, would strive for the most efficient and effective way to spread positive and credible word of mouth about your brand. So, what better way to share information than by reaching out to hubs and pumps? “Hubs” are people that although may have a large following, may not post as frequently as desired and therefore will not receive the reaction your company wants. “Pumps” are social media users who may NOT have a large following, but they post consistently and are usually a credible source of information for their followers. By reaching out to social media influencers who possess one or even better, BOTH of these qualities (also known as “hub seeding”), your company will be much more likely to reach a wider audience and ultimately gain your business a greater branding and overall path to success.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a huge reason why brands receive so much positive word of mouth about their companies or randomly notice a dramatic increase in customers.

Engagement can take place of many forms, some being likes, comments, reposts, shares, calling a friend directly, sending a link, etc.

Paid, Owned, Earned

  • Paid = “…any social media activity for which a company pays” (Advertisements, paying to boost follows)
  • Owned = “…any social media activity that occurs in social media channels a company controls. (Posts made by the brand itself)
  • Earned Media = “…any social media activity that occurs in social media channels a company does not directly (Word of Mouth, tweets, reviews)

What to Think about When Promoting Your Business

  • Is my business’s value-drived objective, or social media marketing strategy, if achieved, contribute any positive value to the brand?
  • Is my strategy smart, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-based? (Is this specific goal obtainable within a certain time period?)
  • In what situations should my company respond to consumers and when? How should they respond and who is in charge of responding? What things can or cannot be said to consumers?
  • Do I have a plan B? What if nobody pays attention, or worse, negative consequences come about? How will you regain your business’s success?
  • Who is my target audience and what platform is best used to present this information?
  • What content would we like to produce and that our consumers like as well?
  • How can we make sure this product overcomes any barriers to activism? (How can we make sure this company/product is widely spoken about)
  • How should we measure/monitor our success and who is in charge of doing so?

Large Key Ideas

With the uprise of new technologies and the constant change and innovation coming from social media apps every day, many companies and brands promote themselves or ask others to help promote their company on these platforms and has seen huge success in this “new” social media marketing strategy. Social media apps like Instagram are used by 500 million+ users daily, and therefore have a large impact on the buying and selling of products on the internet. As well as this, social media is called “social” for a reason. Social media allows nearly everyone around the world to connect with each other and share their experiences. By brands choosing to promote themselves on these large platforms, they are specifically trying to gain a large audience from a specific target audience. Any person, a follower or a fan of the company or not, can comment on the company’s page, like, repost, direct message and/or talk about the product with a friend. The internet allows for fast paced flows of information, and displays advertisements specific to the consumers wants and needs. Companies should choose the social media platform best suited for their target audience, so they can reach out to their fans faster with their new products and deals.

Making sure you benefit your company as much as your audience is equally as important to your business’s financial gain. By making sure your consumers feel cared for and heard, the company you work for is more likely to gain a positive reputation and therefore generate large positive word of mouth. If your company responds to a consumer poorly, it is important to consider the negative consequences and see what you can do as a company to regain your success. In fact, listening to consumers feedback and actually putting it into action can greatly benefit the success of your product, in addition to the relationship your company has with its consumers!

Final Question

A question to any of those who can answer would be, do you believe the constant advertisements given to us on our social media apps will become so redundant and repetitive that consumers won’t want to purchase from brands anymore? Will consumers become so annoyed with the advertisements that they complain to the companies that there are too many? Has this happened before and what can companies do to promote their products, but just enough to get their point across and not annoy their audience?


2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Take-Aways

  1. I feel like you posed a very valuable question. In my opinion, I believe customers who are already interested in the brand may appreciate new advertisements and take them into consideration when looking to buy products. Since oftentimes products are tailored toward specific users when they “allow cookies”, they might not mind seeing the ad. I can also understand that ads can be a nuisance because it’s interrupting what they picked out to watch (in terms of content such as YouTube videos or podcasts.


  2. Whenever I see ads on social media I automatically scroll past them 99% of the time. The only time something really captures my attention is if the design of the product is unique with an interesting color pallet. Which… makes sense because I appreciate product design very much. When it comes to YouTube, I can’t stand the ads. They’re always SO obnoxious. I enjoy cleaning while I have a podcast on but when a three-minute ad hits I have to stop doing whatever I’m doing to skip it.


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