8 Weeks Is All It Takes!

What will you take from class and be able to use or apply? Explain. Also, do you still have a question about social media marketing? Pose a question asking for others thoughts.

I am the kind of student who needs time to take things in and deeply learn. Being a hands-on learner as well makes online classes a struggle for me! I chose online schooling because of my life style. Being at work full time and volunteering my free time takes up my entire schedule. Having the ability to take classes online has been a relief but, of course, it has its quirks.

Eight weeks may seem like a very short period of time to most. I feel that it was a good amount of time to take things in but not take an extended period of time to learn it. Being in social media marketing, there is so much to learn. Eight weeks just wasn’t enough to me, almost like there was more to dive into. We discussed a lot about what goes into the social media world and how it’s used in marketing. While we did dig deep into numerous topics, like audits and metrics, my favorite topic was content design and communications. Have you ever wondered what really goes into a businesses ad?

I never really thought about it deeply when I see an ad for skin care or chocolate. Now that I see a “Curology” or “Proactiv” ad on social media, targeting teens, I can clearly tell what they are trying to get across. Meanwhile, customers are seeing these ads and deciphering which skin care brand would work best for them.

So, you may be wondering, how would this apply to the real world? How do average workers, not currently in marketing jobs, apply social media communications?

I am currently working in the veterinary field and previously worked in the dairy industry. Being very passionate in both areas, I use social media to promote positivity about those two industries. Using bright and cheerful content attracts followers and promotes likes or shares. Having fun facts that relate to people and their daily lives is also a good strategy because people like to relate. They also may take on the notion that you are thinking about them on a personal level.

According to a study at Baylor University, a social media user with a large amount of followers is perceived to be more “likeable” to potential followers.

“There are many studies of individuals’ self-perception through social media use. We are turning that around and looking at the audience’s perspective,” said the study’s lead author, Steven W. Bradley, Ph.D., associate professor of entrepreneurship in Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business.

Whether you chose to help your work place advance their social media advertising or go directly into a marketing job associated with social media, there is so much to learn yet. I would love to help keep promoting the veterinary and dairy industries because they are what I am most passionate about. Although I only took one, eight week class on social media marketing, I learned so much that I can use right away. Utilizing those skills and having that knowledge stands out and doesn’t go unnoticed.

To conclude, social media marketing will continue to grow continuously. Strategies will change, content and ad attraction while also change. My question to you, and one I think about constantly myself, what do you think social media will look like in the next 5, 10, even 50 years from now? We will all have to grow with the change but will you want to change with it?


3 thoughts on “8 Weeks Is All It Takes!

  1. I like the connection to understanding social media ads more effectively. I find it to be a little eerie how much I notice the specific methods an ad is using now that I’m more knowledgeable about things. Lovely post! It’s very detailed and well put together. 🙂


  2. I like your final question. I am also curious to know how social media will change. I think there will be access to social media channels in the metaverse, but I’m wondering what new social media sites will arise that could be completely different than what’s available today. I still remember how crazy it was to use filters on platforms like Snapchat when it was first introduced, and that’s already come a long way since the very beginning of its creation.


  3. If there’s one that intimates me the most about social media marketing it’s how often it changes. While I do currently keep up with the changes that social media introduces, I’m worried I’ll slow down the older I get. Or maybe I just assume I’d slow down since everyone older than me is so disconnected from the digital life.


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