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During these past 8 weeks, I have learned quite a bit. This session has been a struggle with so much going on, but we almost made it! Social Media Marketing is growing. We all know that. Social Media is going to be the place where marketing is going to be. I will talk about the discussion boards with the Expert sessions, content marketing, and the benefits of social media advertising. These things out of many are things that I will take with me in my future in business.

I learned a lot from the Expert Sessions and Podcasts that we read/listened to for the discussion board. I always have been able to learn better when I am listening or watching something. In the first discussion board, I learned about personal branding. This is something that most marketers should do. An example of personal branding is creating a website and putting projects on it for employers to see. The hard part about personal branding is that you need to stay consistent with posting and content. Staying consistent can be hard, but it will create an audience. With that audience, it will get to employers. Employees love to see consistency.

I did not know that there were different kinds of marketing. One type of marketing that I think I will be using is content marketing. “Content marketing is a form of non-traditional marketing communications whereby a brand produces or designs content in various forms (e.g., text, images, video, audio) and disseminates that content to targeted audiences and/or customers.” (Stephen & Bart, 2019). I think that this is something that I think I will use most because I know most of the social media platforms and at my dad’s store, I try to target certain customers when I am posting. Within the posts that I create for my dad’s store, I start out with “Calling all _____ lovers!”, or something along those lines. With this line, I am targeting certain people such as coffee lovers or chocolate lovers, etc. I already have some experience in content marketing, but I would love to learn more ways on how to create different content for different customers.

Content marketing is a form of non-traditional marketing communications whereby a brand procedures or designs content in various forms (e.g., text, images, video, audio) and disseminates that content to targeted audiences and/or customers”

(Stephen & Bart, 2019)

When reading Chapter 8 in the textbook, there was a short list of the benefits of social media advertising: Extended Reach and Endorsement, Targeting, and Effectiveness. First off, what is social media advertising? “Social media advertising, or social media targeting, are advertisements served to users on social media platforms” (Reed, 2021). When a business posts, they should boost the post so it can have a greater outreach to potential customers. Another way for a post to reach potential customers is when existing customers share the post. This spreads to their friends and so on. For the benefit of targeting, the social media platforms starts at the beginning when you first sign up. They gather your interests, what you like and what you do not like. This helps businesses when they post. Let’s say that I put on my profile that I like puppies. In the content that I scroll through I will most likely see a lot of puppies for adoption or cute puppy pictures or memes. I will pretty much get anything related to puppies. For effectiveness, more people have been engaging on social media. This creates more traffic and a more effective customer base.

I loved taking this class. So much to learn and so much to digest. From learning about what social media advertising is to the benefits, and much more. I am so glad that I get to use this book for the rest of my life. It is so helpful that I can always go back and look at what is new with social media advertising and what I could use. This class was a class to remember. It was not just book based, it was collaboration with our classmates. From the social media strategy report, we had difficulty, but we figured it out. I did not just learn the content, I learned how to collaborate with people even online. This is something that is being normalized. Learning how to work with people online is one of the greatest communication skills to possess. This class taught me so much, and I am so glad that I took it. Thank you everyone for a great session. Best wishes to everyone’s adventures. Merry Christmas.

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  1. I totally forgot about the expert sessions! I also just thought of a few pod casts I could have mentioned. I got a lot more out of this class than I originally thought I was going to, that’s for sure.


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