Social Media Marketing: What I Learned in 8 Weeks

At the beginning of this course I had no clue what I was about to learn in this class. I thought it was going to be talking about each social media app and what it entails, how people use it, and maybe history on social media in general. I was also confused on how this class was going to be presented and the “My Way” learning is, in my opinion, the best way of learning. Because of my full time job I was not able to attend in person as much as I wanted to but with “My Way” learning I was still able to learn and understand the information that was provided to me. I learned quite a bit in the last 8 weeks of this course and a few things that I learned was, strategy planning, using paid social media and managing customers using social media.

We may be losing role models, we learning more on how to behave from peers, media than from elders and family.


When learning throughout this course I believe that creating these blog posts really let you talk as an individual about the topics given for the assignment. They add more than just a discussion post, they add personalization and creativity with the addition of pictures, quotes, and overall feels like a great source of information when reading my peers posts on this same site.

When learning about strategic planning for the use of social media it really caught my attention with a lot of the information learned in social media planning was transferrable to general marketing planning. There’s different types of information flows of consumer to company or consumer to consumer. Understanding how to set SMART goals, these are great to know so that when you set a goal for a marketing strategy that you don’t set unrealistic or unmeasurable goals that can’t be done, are in too short of time period or they may not be very significant goals. The 5 main goals to create a SMART goal are to make sure that it is Significant, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-based. Understanding risk as well will also create a successful strategy. There are a couple large risks to take into consideration: Risk that the ad doesn’t reach anyone or people don’t pay attention to it and risk of negative responses and or consequences.

Using paid social media was another big thing that I learned in this 8 week course. A lot of people say “Money is not everything” but when it came to this topic of paid advertising, it really seemed like money was indeed everything. When using paid advertising it often gets your advertisements shown to a lot of people around the world. But again as previously said about strategic planning, there is a risk when it comes to paid advertising. Will people pay attention to your advertisement? Understanding that paid social media ads can get you extended reach depending on the platform being used, but will people pay attention to your ad? Creating an attention grabbing advertisement is important in using paid advertising to increase your reach because what good is it when you pay to get your ad seen but not seen? There have been tons of advertisements on social media that I personally have just scrolled on past because it did not relate to me or it wasn’t eye catching. So making an attention grabbing ad for paid advertising is very important, in my opinion, so you are not wasting money on extending the reach of your advertisement just to not attract anyone to it.

Finally, the last big thing that I learned from this class was how to maintain your customers online. I personally believe that having a personal touch to your posts online is important to keeping customers happy on social media. Responding to comments, reviews and questions or requests online will generate positive feedback overtime. For example, Kwik Trip does a great job with responding to online customers and overall fans of their brand. They bring a humorous side to their responses as well to make sure everyone has a little fun online.

In conclusion, I learned a lot in the last 8 weeks of this course and a few topics I took most from was creating a social media strategy, using paid advertising, and managing customers online. These topics stood out to me the most with how well they are going to connect to my future career. My goal for my career is to be a social media marketer for a professional sports team and I believe that every single one of these topics in this course will help me be successful in that career field. A question that still ponders with me after this course is that this course felt like it was intended to help market larger businesses, what platforms would be a great start for small family owned businesses?


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