Knowledge by College; A Social Media Marketing Tale

When I signed up to take Social Media Marketing, I never could have anticipated how much I was going to learn. I grew up on the computer. Not in the same sense as kids now a days, however, we did have computer time in school to explore starting at as young as 2nd grade. It was magical! Growing up being able to navigate successfully through the computer was not something I considered a luxury until I was old enough to understand that I had better computer skills than my parents. Most computer programs come easy to me. I can easily navigate without any tutorial or prior knowledge. I do not know everything, nor would I claim to, especially with how technology is advancing. 

When it comes to social media, I have a similar feeling. I could download an app not knowing much and through spending time learning its features, I can figure out how to use it successfully. I like to consider myself creative, but some people have found ways to utilize social media apps far beyond anything I could think up, which is why I kept my mind open and willing to learn throughout taking the Social Media Marketing course. In this blog post, I am going to discuss a few of my favorite takeaways from the class such as content marketing, building your brand, and influencer marketing strategies. 

Content Marketing is simply a photo, video, texts, or audio showcasing a brand or product that disseminates to a specific audience. Basically, all of what social media embodies, however it is not limited just to the virtual world. There are, however, five distinct reasons why a marketing manager would make social media content their main focus. The first being the level of creative freedom that the content itself offers. Secondly, the cost in comparison to other paid media for dissemination is relatively inexpensive. Third, social media content is available for forms of interaction between prospective customers. Fourth, the chances of the content going viral and reaching any number of people are greater. Lastly, a brand can get real time feedback regarding their products’ performance.

Another great takeaway I learned from my social media marketing class is in regard to building your personal brand. Dennis Yu and Logan Young’s personal branding video made a lot of excellent points. They took the famous saying, “It is all about who you know,” and dove deeper into it. There were a few points they discussed that stuck out to me the most. They mentioned the importance of starting your personal brand, well before you need one. Building a brand for your future self. It is wise to do this because building a brand is a process which takes a lot of time and consistency to be successful. Your personal brand is what people say about you, and when you are networking, what people say about you is important.   

Another critical point made in the video was regarding the people that you know or really, who know you. The fastest way to build a brand is by interviewing professionals. I personally tend to have a challenging time meeting new people. So, to be successful, I would have to overcome some of my deep-rooted fears. However, according to Dennis, the return investment is worth it. It is important to make yourself known to industry professionals. Creating social connectivity within your personal circle to open more opportunities for success in the future. Having nodes is not enough, it is the ties that make the biggest impact. As Logan stated, it is more about quality of your ties rather than the quantity. Build quality relationships, connect with them. You can build these relationships through social media platforms. I think about how much more difficult it was before the internet for people to meet others. We are truly fortunate to be living in this era of endless possibilities.  

Not the last of what I have learned but certainly of great importance is from the Podcast episode Influencer Marketing Strategy with the Social Media Expert, Michael Stelzer and guest Jason Falls. Something profound Jason said was to drop the R in influencers. Influencers have been given somewhat of a bad reputation when it comes to Instagram because they can come off as superficial, or greedy. It is not, however, what the influencers are, but rather than what they do. Jason said we need to focus more on the verb, that is they influence. Influence marketing can be highly effective when it comes to promoting brands because of the relationship that the influencer has with their audience. During the podcast Michael expressed that according to a researched survey in 2019

 63% of people trust influencers recommendations for certain products.

He also mentioned research that stated 58% of people admitted to buying something because of an influencer. Content creators have an audience that loves them and because of that, the audience tends to act. They mentioned how people are more inclined to listen to social media influencers rather than celebrities. Jason expressed that he believes that is because the influencers got their following by intentionally creating content. Whereas celebrities received their fame in another way, and because of their fame, they can be ambassadors.  

A lot has become of our world with technological advances and now our age of social media since 2001. Younger me, the one who grew up in between both worlds would be wildly impressed with how the world works today. I am glad that I did not let ego or pride get in the way of being able to really learn from this course.  



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  1. Your post was very well written and also reminded me to take my considering my connections from this class. You also have a very interesting title. You also did a nice job concluding it back to your younger self.


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