The Beginning Or The End

Our social media class coming to an end doesn’t mean anything bad especially now that I can sleep in on Thursdays. Finishing this class with a Blog seems fitting I enjoyed every part of it from the quizzes, the assignments, and being able to learn a whole new skill. From the first chapter of the social media Revolution all the way to chapter 12 of managing customers using social media I’ve never been so invested in Reading until this class. The first question we were asked was, what do you think social media is? I answered like I always do in a goofy mood replying ” media socially” which I still believe to be true.  Now I know that social media is an amazing way to connect everyone from our classmates as stories to ourselves. Using social media for marketing is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever thought of.

From this class, I will take all the tactics and strategies I’ve learned, read, and studied into all my personal social media as well as my family’s business. Before this class, I consider myself a know-it-all when it came to ads and exposing my twitch career and YouTube online through social media but I was so wrong. Not once have I ever used a hashtag when posting a YouTube video or a TikTok to be able to categorize where are my content belongs online. Twitch especially was done all wrong by me because before this class all I did was just dump my link on Facebook’s and discords that just supported twitch streamers but didn’t really stick around for you I thought that would be enough there was so much I could have done behind the scenes and putting more effort to help myself along the way but I did not know about.

Now I’ll be able to be more confident when putting my content and products online with the higher belief that it will do good. I told Ronnie at the beginning of this class that I will reset all my social media and start over using all the things I’ve learned in this class and to see if I can pass my whole life’s work of social media in just eight weeks. I never showed him but truly I came very close and it’s a little sad being able to use metrics and from chapter to being able to use how to connect to customers with social interactions will just help so much being able to understand how the Network’s, nodes, and tie can benefit you long term.

I love numbers so I leaned more towards digital marketing and social media social media being the more fun side and more open has its perks but being able to understand audits at a deep level and no metrics really just seems so fun to me. Doing the audit for a final project was probably the most entertaining and fun thing I’ve done when it comes to school work in a long time. It’s kind of funny I never use the highlighting feature when it comes to stukent but the only time I did was in chapter 4 section 3 measure what is relevant, not what is available.

My question would be is social media marketing done evolving and if not how far will it go? I believe what Ronnie said when it comes to social media always advancing because if you look at the past years and how everything has changed it’s already so different. Nothing is never done so let’s just more we’re going to have to keep learning this is one class in a career that’s constantly changing. When we row our discussion boards sometimes we have to go to the last six months because we want to keep it current and what’s relatable to what we’re doing in our time. I always thought that was smart so that’s why I’m always thinking that we’re constantly evolving slowly and slowly and it always comes back to the same question how far will it go.

Now I have a question for everyone else reading and is in social media. Let’s say you get your dream social media marketing job let that be analytics or just being a part of a marketing team. If the field changed and evolved into something you didn’t understand anymore or evolved to the point where it got too hard would you keep going? I’m pretty sure the answer would be yes for most of you but a curious part of me is always wondering what people have to say about that.

To conclude this I’d like to say that social media is in a separate world it’s just a big world that’s a part of ours and don’t let it separate you from your real l I appreciate what I learned in this class and we’ll take it all into account into my career and hobbies so thank you and goodbye for now.


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  1. Hi Douglas, I really enjoyed your blog post, and the title really caught my eye. I remember your response to that first question that was given to us on the first day of class, and I do agree with your response, it is “media socially.” Sharing content and creating a community online. Thanks for the read!


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