Is paid advertising worth it?

Paid advertising. Is it worth it? I think so! Paid social media, display advertising, and search advertising are very large in internet advertising. Whether that is mobile or online formats.  

Display advertising is the best form of digital advertising. Being able to put your ads on web pages that allow you to have them on there is pretty nice to boost webpage income. Search advertising is the most common form of pay-per-click advertising because you pay for google to have your webpage at the top of the search. When most people search, they like to click on the first that pops up at the top. If someone was searching for a certain item, you obviously want your page to be up first so they can click on it and get them to buy from you.  

This paid ad could eventually lead you to reach out more for targeting ads. I think that targeting is important and it is super important to know whom you are advertising to. An example would be, cellphones, you do not want to advertise a new cell phone to the older generation. The older generation does not want a brand-new cell phone. You are going to want to market new cell phones to the younger generation because that is who is going to want it. Knowing whom you are marketing to can help bring that drive into the store. Age, income, and education are some examples of the audience you could be targeting. I think targeting is the easiest concept in marketing to understand and super effective. The researchers found, for example, that consumers are reluctant to engage with ads that they know have been served based on their activity on third-party websites, a tactic Facebook and Google routinely use. 

The disadvantage of paid marketing is that people will just look over the ads. Like on YouTube, I don’t watch the ads. I do not pay any attention to them and then I skip the ad if I can. For me, that would be the hardest thing because it could be a waste of money, but you must use it correctly and make sure it was worth it. One thing that I can think of the top of my head that scares me is Geo-fencing. Geofencing is a location-based service in which an app or other software uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence. Now doing that could be a waste of money because you aren’t advertising something that you think everyone needs.  

This is just something that you have to find what is effective for you and your business. If paid ads aren’t really the way for you to go then you can stop those ads. Paid ads aren’t for everyone. Sometimes just word of mouth works for you then later you slowly start working into paid ads but it is nothing to just jump right into without looking into it first to make sure it is worth it for you.   

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  1. I like your research. I agree that paid ads are very effective and useful in company promotion. I know that people tend to spend less money if they can do it. Anyway, evidence shows that each good business requires some investors. Owners can be them by giving money for paid ads:)


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