How Important is it to you?

Nowadays, it'd be pretty surprising to see someone who doesn't have some sort of social media presence online. Nearly everyone who has a phone or laptop has delved into an online chatroom with friends, or has watched a "How-To" video at some point in their life. Social media is an incredibly vast concept that covers almost every online interaction with other people, including this blog post here, and I feel it's something that is often taken for granted, especially when considering the lack of face-to-face interactions over the last year or so due to COVID.

There are currently more than 4.66 billion internet users in the world and of those, more than 3.81 billion have a social media account.

Julia McCoy

I know that I personally couldn’t live without social media. I mean.. I could, but social media makes my life so much easier, just think about it for a moment: Are you bored? Talk to a friend on Snapchat or another communication app. Looking for help on any given topic or thing? Pull up a video on YouTube, or ask a question on sites such as Reddit or Quora. Are you like me, and can’t remember birthdays to save your life? Thank you Facebook. Social Media can keep us up to date with friends, family, and can provide us with instant access to various forms of entertainment and information. The best part? We can use all of these platforms, and so much more via the palm of our hands, and in the comfort of our bedroom.

So how important is social media to you? Well, that all depends on how and why you use it. Do you use it personally? For entertainment or for keeping in contact with friends and family that you don’t always get to see? Or do you use social media as a means to bolster yourself professionally, promoting your company or business, or even yourself with apps like LinkedIn. In either case, it’s clear to anyone that social media is a far better and easier way to communicate and reach people.

We get to live in a time that we get to use social media as a tool.

Gigi Hadid

As far as professional use of social media goes, I don’t have too much experience with this. That being said, I have had a few small endeavors in which I’ve used platforms such as YouTube and Discord to promote and publish my own content, which I’ve earned revenue off of. In my case, I uploaded content fairly regularly to YouTube, and even further grew my audience by word of mouth, (or in this case, text), by connecting to my audience through Discord. For anyone who doesn’t know what Discord is, think of it like an oversized chatroom, only people have to join through a provided link, so it limits the amount of people that join who aren’t interested in the centralized topic of the “server“, in this case, it was my content. This allowed me to meet and chat with those who were interested in my content, developing a relationship with my viewers, instead of being some “faceless” channel.

On a more common take of professional use, sites such as LinkedIn provide an excellent platform for “getting yourself out there”, as well as being a good resource for job searching. I personally haven’t used LinkedIn much, but LinkedIn allows you to make a profile showcasing your prior workplace experience, skills, and also allows you to connect to other people/professionals in the same field as your own.

Social media is also fairly important to me personally as opposed to just professionally. Like I said earlier in the blog, I’m terrible with birthdays, so Facebook helps to keep me on track with that, as bad as it sounds. Various social media sites have given me countless hours of entertainment and assistance when I’ve needed it. Whether it be watching a video, looking at memes, doing research for classes, or talking to friends, I’m pretty much always connected to other people in some form or fashion using social media. Social media sites like YouTube have also made my hobby of content creation turn a profit, and have also introduced me to so many people who I never would have met without the site.

This is why social media is important to me, both professionally and personally. I’m sure my reasons are slightly different than others, but that’s to be expected when talking about something as vast as “Social Media”, and how a person chooses to utilize it. The big takeaways are:

  • Social media can both be used personally and professionally.
  • Social media can be used to build connections, or to keep in close contact with friends and family members instantly from pretty much anywhere in the world.
  • Social media can be used for entertainment purposes just as well as it can be used to promote your business/yourself
  • Social media is pretty much involved in everything from everyday life. It’s an amazing tool that can be used in many ways, and it’s also something that people take for granted/don’t often think about how amazing it can really be.

So I’ll ask again. How important is social media to you?


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  1. This was a great read! Social media is so important to me because I am able to connect with old friends and family that live far away.


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