How Social Media and I Work Together

Social media is so wrapped in our everyday life its hard to avoid its impact on it. What we post can affect how are social interacts with friends and family are affected, a long with how a work and professional lives can be affected. It can be avoided that every action we have on social media will have some sort of reaction. These reactions can be positive or very negative. People have the safety of being behind a screen and keyboard to react to you. I want to explore how social media affects my everyday life.

Social media is such a fantastic way to keep connections to friends and family. I rarely text people but rather use Facebook messenger to contact friends, family, even my employer. If you create content, art, or even have a small business, social media can help promote you by creating a great follower list. People who are interested in what you say or what you do. As someone who creates on TikTok and Youtube I rest on my follower base to by interested in me and what I do in order to make money from my creative avenues.

I’m on most social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Everyday I spend an ample amount of time surfing my different social media apps see what my stats are, and what other people are up too. Seeking that high when people comment, and like what you post. However there is bound to be a day when you or someone else posts something that rubs someone the wrong way. When you see someone post something you disagree with, or when someone ultimately starts a thread argument, how do that make you feel, especially about the person posting back at you. How do you make people feel when you post.

The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized how social media can affect my world outside of a screen. When someone posts something negative or something I don’t agree with, my view of that person changes. They may go from someone I liked to someone I think low of because their view point differs from mine. This leads to what social media means to me and how it can affect you.

84% of employers recruit via social media and 43% screen future employees via social media according to This can mean anything you post in your different social media platforms can show up and affect if someone wants to hire you or not. Even post hire you need to keep an eye on what you post, your employer may check in on your social media to see what you’re posting about the job or what your posting about your boss. I’ve seen this happen before, a person “friends” their boss on Facebook, becomes upset at a situation at work, and then decides to vent about it. This will often lead to them being fired as their boss will find this post and feel that they do not represent the company the way they want and fire them over it. Siting something I the agreements within their work handbooks. 28% of employers state they’ve fired someone over non-work related posts and 18% state they’ve fired people over work related posts. According to

For me what I’ve decided to do is vent what my social media has on it. Facebook it hard because I’ve had it for over 12 years, I can’t go over 12 years of posts and vent and delete everything. Instagram I’ve created a new profile where I post very simple things in my life, things that can be considered PC. Things like my dog, food, outfits. Anything that I would be ok with grandma seeing.

So for me keeping the relationships, present and future means I try to keep my social media neutral. I try not to post anything that can cause arguments and hostility between me and my family, and I don’t want to have an employer or future employer to check out my social media and see something that’s something that could cause them to not hire me or fire me. This is why its important to keep an eye on your socials to ensure you are presenting yourself with your best face forward. Social media can be a wonderful way to keep us with the world around it. It can also cause harm to your world and the one around you.


3 thoughts on “How Social Media and I Work Together

  1. Such a great topic to talk about! social media has taken over a huge part of our everyday lives and it is kind of scary. I enjoyed reading this article!


  2. This is a great topic! What goes “on the line” stays online forever. Thinking ahead and remembering that our own thoughts and opinions change over time, yet when we post without thinking ahead, we often have regret. My favorite quote in this piece is, “Anything I would be OK with grandma seeing.” Great lens to look through!


  3. Thanks for touching on such a big topic: self-censorship on social media. I’m not a fan of how increasingly seriously social media is taken. I understand certain companies, when considering hiring a candidate, will ask the candidate for his or her social media accounts and passwords even!


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