Digital Media Marketing: It is everywhere!

When I was younger I never had a second thought on how digital marketing was going to affect my personal life, let alone my professional life. The last years we have mostly all lived in a virtually world in both our personal and professional lives. That mixed with taking this digital marketing class I really have learned and now see how digital marketing is everywhere we look and in all aspects of our lives. Also I really don’t think that digital marketing is going anywhere any time soon, which is not a bad thing in my profession but my bank account will say different.

What are the way digital marketing means to me personally? I could honestly break this is to multiple sections for different ways it means to me but 2 important ones are (1) that is right at my fingertips and (2) That I really play control of what I am seeing and what I am buying.

Convince of Digital Marketing:

With ad literally everywhere that you look, it is impossible to find and see how convenient digital marketing is. The reason that this is most important to me is because I am currently working full time and I am taking 2 online classes. So if I am not working, I am reading our textbook or figure out how to write a compelling blog post (hehe). So rarely does that leave me time to watch live television let alone watch certain commercials and go to my computer and find what interested me. For me the fact that digital marketing has really improved and mainly put its focus on mobile devices is really what makes it important to me. So after I finish my 9-5 job and any school work I have, chances are I am just wanting to relax. For me that consists of a beverage of my choice and to be honest my phone in my hand. Now this might last until 10pm that night when I then put away my phone. In that 3-4 hour span I have most likely clicked on 12 links and have been on 4 major applications (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok). From those links I have probably converted and purchase at least 1 thing which most comes from Amazon. Nevertheless the fact that I just browse on social media and be offered countless products and services and with the click of my thumbs become the new owner of said product and/or service is something that makes it super convenient to me.

Controlling the Digital Marketing I am seeing:

The core of digital marketing and what I took away from it was that they (companies) want to play to the correct audience. So I really do know focus on what I am engaging with. In other words I am select with the post that I am liking and what I am sending to other friends of mine. I tend to be more careful with that because I know that it is more than likely going to pop up somewhere on my phone sometime soon. On the other hand sometimes I can get “click-happy” and just like comment and share anything that I might want in the future. That way when I undoubted forget about it at 10pm that I will see either later in the week or sometimes even the next day. This prompting me to purchase whatever it maybe that I previously interacted with. Like I previously stated digital marketing is about targeting the right customers so if I don’t interact with something that essentially is providing data to whatever company that may be and let them know that I am not the right target audience, which in the end really does benefit both me (the consumer) and the companies.

Mixing these two reason and a few more really is what makes digital marketing in my personal life super important. Do these reasons resonate with you as well? Or do you prefer seeing your digital marketing on the TV?

So that takes us to why digital marketing is important to me in my professional life. The answer is actually really simple, if our marketing team are meeting are using the right key words or not making sure we are targeting the right audience that is in turn is going to make my side of the job hard. Currently I work Primex Family of Companies. Which is made up of 3 internal business (Klockit, Primex Wireless, and Accurite). I work on the Primex Wireless side of the business which just to give you some insight is I sale and manage synchronized clock systems and different monitoring systems for schools and hospital. More especially I work in the Canada region.

So basically I am trying to put in mainly clock systems to schools and hospitals, which is already something that no one automatically thinks about. I know that I didn’t think twice about how the clocks and bell systems that told us when to change classes got there when I was in school. Digital marketing is huge in this because if we are not ranking high in organic searched or have low local search rankings that is not going to turn a profit and it is going to make it harder for me make money. Our marketing is currently doing a great job because when you do a search in google and just type in “synchronized clocks” (refer to the images below) you will see that Primex shows up in the AD portion of the search and number 2 on the organic search as well. This is super important to us (Primex) because there are actually so many companies that you can get a synchronized clock system from so being on this page of searches is absolutely critical to turn heads and generate interest in our company.  

So in all am I surprised that digital marketing has essentially taken over both my life personally and professional? No not at all, in fact I don’t think that I would be able to go a day without digital marketing and what it does for me. Granted that sounds like I am addicted to my phone and work life but with the pandemic that has really become the new normal around here. Below I have linked a site titled “10 Trends in Digital Marketing” and I think that is the best way to end this blog. Without following the trends that are ever changing digital marketing isn’t going to make an impact in people’s personally and professional lives. — end of blog post


3 thoughts on “Digital Media Marketing: It is everywhere!

  1. I totally agree, anytime I open any of my social media platforms, there are always ads that I see while scrolling through my feeds. Just as social media is a huge part of our lives, so is digital marketing. Also, now they are more targeted to our preferences, to help us enjoy our experiences on each application. Your blog post was a great read!


  2. It is true! Everywhere we look we are being marketed and now that our phones are basically small computers we take with us everywhere, marketers would be crazy not to take advantage. Since working in marketing, I also have become much more sensitive to what I am looking at and understanding I am a target audience. It is so interesting how “smart” digital marketing is and as we click and subscribe, we go deeper into the marketing forest!


  3. My husband always asks me if a new gadget/product/ticket that I just bought was something that I wanted, and my answer is always I didn’t know that I want it until Tiktok, Instagram, or Amazon show me that I need it.
    Joy, I agree with you, Digital Media Marketing is everywhere, and it has changed how people buy and sell because it has made advertisements more organic. Companies used to hire celebrities to promote their products; instead, now they use Social Media Channels to invite regular people and share their personal experiences with their products.
    So, customers feel more connected and identify; and, of course, more encouraged to buy or invest in them.


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