Clubhouse is Free and Relevant

If you want to learn the most current social media marketing strategies, join Clubhouse.  One can find live group coaching with people with drive and fire inside of them. I spend 40-60hours each week operating a wastewater plant servicing around 390,000 people. Over the past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time listening to Clubhouse while doing mundane tasks at work.  I am learning a lot from this social media app. 

Clubhouse is a social media platform that is invite only.  Meaning, a friend must invite you through a text message before you can create an account.  It will eventually be open to the public but as of now, it is not.  They most recently opened the platform up to Android operating systems because before, it was only for iPhone users.  Clubhouse consists of many different chat rooms. You can listen in and raise your hand to be brought up to the stage to share your perspective or pose a question to the moderators and audience. 

The people on Clubhouse are inspirational.  There are many chat rooms that consist of a wide range of discussions.  Bitcoin, travel hacks, social media marketing, women supporting other women, conspiracies, tarot readings, dating tips, aliens, 3-minute headlines, health and wellness, and music can all be found on this platform.  I have learned more about social media marketing from the chat rooms than I did from spending hundreds of dollars on classes and textbooks. 

“I think college is basically for fun and to prove that you can do your chores, but they’re not for learning.”

Elon Musk

I would rather learn by doing what drives me than go to school. College is not needed to learn something new. There are lots of free sources for education that are easy to find. Clubhouse is a great source to converse with people. There are mixes of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds along with people of all levels of experience.

Two of the most important social media marketing tips I learned for free from Clubhouse are:

  1. Treat social media like a business not a hobby. 
  2. Show up every day. 

Social media marketing is basically running a campaign. Utilize call to actions.  Make sure people know who you are and what you do. There are many things to keep in mind when doing social media marketing. You can invest in a $1- $5 per day ad strategy to grow a facebook page to 100k. Post a poll to engage people. 

Utilize reels, IG live, trending songs, and google trending hashtags.  Put your hash tags in the comments on social media sites like Instagram. This helps make the text that accompanies your images shorter.  Do not use the same hashtags consistently.  Use 7-8 targeted hash tags and cast your net to a wide audience from top used hashtags to less popular hashtags.  Mix up your hash tags in the comments to avoid being shadow banned.  Pretend that you are talking to a 13 year old when designing posts. 

Reply to comments and follow people back who like your content.  Reply to their content as well.  Post a poll to engage people.  Utilize call to actions.  Utilize reels, IG live, trending songs and google trending hashtags.  Reply to comments and follow people back who like your content.  Reply to their content as well.  

Videos are more successful than images or blog posts. Make 1 minute YouTube videos and promote it as an ad to capture people. With Instagram reels, people only have to watch it and don’t have to like it. Instagram will push it out to more people. 

It is time consuming and difficult to create new content. Between three to thirty posts to Twitter per day are recommended because posts are short lived.  Pinterest is about three to thirty pins per day.  One or two posts is recommended to Facebook and Linkedin, with as little as three posts per week total.  Three high quality videos to TikTok are best per day.  No more than three posts to Instagram per day.  YouTube recommends one post per week.  If you are blogging, two to three times per week is best. It is recommended to post to some social media outlets like Twitter 15-52 times per day. Old content can be repurposed using canva.

Clubhouse is a social media platform that allows myself to learn new things and ask questions while sharing my experiences. Online college classes lack this experience and during a time of Covid, some people desire human interaction in the form of voice and video. Everyday I must set aside or schedule social media time and run it like a campaign. This is difficult when working a full time job so I need to schedule posts.