Social Media Marketing At NWTC

I am in my second semester at NWTC and I have been enjoying it. I have had a lot of classes but the one that I pulled a lot from was my Social Media Marketing class. It was so informative and very intimidating in the beginning but as I pushed through, it became really cool. I got to talk to some really cool people that value the same things and I also got to learn so much about social media I would have never known without taking this class as my elective. I never knew you had to stay so engaged with your audience, know your audience, even know you had to schedule a social media marketing strategy to get good quality engagement.

Engagement and what your consumer or customer is saying via social media is very important.

The main thing I took from this class is planning. Planning and navigating through with planned content. Our final project for example, I had to actually do an audit on facebook for the technical colleges on facebook. I was so confused on even where to start. I am so glad we had a template because if we didn’t that would have been very difficult. Organizing is another one that goes hand and hand with planning. Having clear goals and motives for why you even are doing a social media marketing strategy is important. Over the past 8 weeks we have been reading out of the Stukent Social Media Marketing textbook and there is so much in there. I was rereading and looking at the slides to see if anything else popped up that I noticed has me impressed or that I took from the class. Some of these things have been how to check social media metrics and that most social media platforms have free availability to look at stats, also what it means to have a value driving perspective. Social media metrics help in the audit process in the beginning, through the strategy to see your growth and after when you want to adjust your strategy to be more effective. A value driving perspective involves asking yourself, for any given objective, whether, if achieved, it would contribute something positive and valuable to the brand. I wanted to see what Google’s terminology and definition was for a value driving perspective and this came up on a quiz-let. I saw it and really liked how it was worded. Contributing value or something positive to the brand is all what social media marketers strive for of course. We want to gain in a way that doesn’t seem tele-marketed or suspicious but organic and real. Another thing I could say I really enjoyed learning is how to schedule a post in a marketing strategy. I talked about planning but this is more so how many posts to post per day, how many hashtags you should have, etc. For an example, in the “Stukent Expert Session called How To plan Social Media Messages”, we learned how many hashtags you should put on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post and how many posts you should have a day. Facebook and Instagram are at one to two posts per day but Twitter is at 15 tweets a day.

Twitter has the shortest time lived in someones social feed out of every social media out there.

This is due to Twitter having a shorter lifespan to posts and engagement attention spans. See with Facebook and Instagram you can have a very long caption saying a lot of things but Twitter on the other hand does not. Twitter feeds are short lives and super quick and sweet to the human eye. Honestly I know a lot of people use twitter but I can’t remember a single time someone was like wow did you see that tweet. This ties into the next thing. How sharable your content is makes it viral or not. This concept didn’t register at first because I always thought viral meant to be famous. This is so incorrect. Viral means your content is easily shareable and can travel to many people at a rapid rate. As long as your content has this in effect, being trending or so called “Viral” will come with having good quality content that can transfer over through nodes and ties. Nodes and ties represent the people on social media and also their connection to other people whether that’s a strong or weak tie. This changed my perspective so much and now I probably will never look at social media the same again. I always have thought it’s just technology, pretty basic but I’ll use it daily and not care how. Either way I’ll just do it kind of thing but that’s the wrong mentality if you are trying to grow a business. Winging it creates one hit wonders. If you want viral consistency then you need to plan accordingly and strategically. In conclusion, social media marketing is so important now in this generation, let alone Covid-19 being in the picture. We have and will probably keep going down more and more tech-savvy paths with what we already have. If you can’t beat them join them. All jokes aside, my social media marketing class has been amazing and I am very grateful for them changing my perspective to a value driving perspective while on social media.


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