Personal Branding & Social Media Optimization

In today’s social media marketing world, it’s important to stand out! Learning some tips about personal branding, networking, and social media optimization are important to your success.

Personal Branding

I really enjoyed the expert session from William Yu and Logan Young about personal branding. They were very inspiring to me, because they made it clear that you don’t have to have money, be well known, have a degree, etc., in order to begin establishing your brand. 

I love the fact that all you need is to have a process; along with creativity, consistency, and taking the initiative.

To begin, I need to make a list of what I love; something I can blog about.  William and Logan said to act like a journalist.  Well, lucky for me, I was a journalist in the Air Force, so I thought to myself, ‘I can do this!’

The first step I will do is start a Facebook page separate from my personal page, and invite people to join. (That’s a scary step for me, because I want it to be worth their while!) Next, as mentioned above, I will make that list of what I love, and begin to blog about it. (Okay maybe at that point, I will actually invite people to my page, because first I want to make sure the page is actually interesting, informative, and entertaining!)

I think it will be fun to begin making contacts of successful people in the field I am most interested in.  I’m not sure just what that is yet, but I have some ideas. Maybe I’d like to be an influencer, a podcaster, or a youtuber.  My interest is other people!  I am an interviewer and a storyteller. I am excited to help tell other people’s stories, and sprinkle humor and more throughout. I love to be interactive with others. I base my wedding DJ business on just that; being fun and interactive!!  No matter what I do, I would love to be some kind of host.

The influencer thing also intrigues me because I was pretty good at being a brand ambassador.  One of the best, actually. However, my being out of shape and not being willing to stand all day in the hot sun for 10 hours at a time talking my lungs out to hundreds of people in person is a big reason I’d rather do that in a different way.  Ironically, I’m not good at sales, but I can promote the heck out of any person, product, or service.  I have so much to learn, so I do believe I am in the right college class.  Anyway, enough about me…I digress.

So, I would begin making contacts of successful people in whatever field I am most interested in. I would start following certain people who would be a role model to me and who inspire me.  I will view their content, I will ask questions, and I can write a review that includes a video clip. I can try and go see them speak somewhere, try to catch them, and ask a few questions on my phone. (Video). I can post this on my page, which will help me establish a bit of authority on the subject matter.  This will help to build my personal brand.

Even with my wedding DJ business, it would be great to network with other DJ’s. I would ask them what they did to get to where they’re at.  I met a well-known DJ in Vegas, and never asked her anything. I just had my picture taken with her. Such a missed opportunity.

I can advertise for a dollar a day on Facebook! Here is a link on how to manage the process:

I plan on being consistent with making my page engaging, on a daily basis. It would be fun to implement the Facebook Ads. Eventually, my friends will comment. What I learned from William and Logan is that personal branding is not about being famous.  It is about investing in your future and building your network. (Your net worth is your network!).  In time, I will have more opportunities, and doors will start to open for myself. It’s not who I know but who knows me. I can reach out to professors, guest lecturers, people on LinkedIn. I will do my due diligence pertaining to research, which I love to do.  It’s the quality of connections I will have; not the quantity!  It’s not about bugging people, it’s more about ‘multiple light touches.’ In other words, maybe asking for a business card, reaching out on LinkedIn, having a conversation at a networking event. I am very excited to do all of this. Just think, all I need to begin, is my phone, and the right attitude!

Social Media Optimization

I viewed Gabe’s expert session on Social Media optimization.  He teaches us how to optimize our social media presence.  I liked this because many of us have LinkedIn and Twitter, but some of us may not know how to make those sites work for us to progress our personal branding efforts or to further building our business. In order to be successful at this, we must be ‘discoverable’ on Google! He also went over a few basic marketing tips for when you’re in the field.

He starts off by reminding us to be ourselves!  Who doesn’t love that?  I mean, I think it’s so important to be authentic in this day and age, and to not try and be someone we are not. We don’t have to fit in any kind of pigeon hole. We are all unique individuals with our own gifts and talents!  Gabe also stressed the importance of knowing ‘the how’. Many people understand that in order to be an expert on any given subject, we need to know the who, what, when, where. However, many overlook the how! Our viewers/customers want to know ‘how’ to do things. 

On a different note, when it comes to personal branding and marketing, I’d like to add that it’s vital to tell your ‘why’. Why did you get into this field. Why do you want to help others. Why are you doing what you do?  Enquiring minds want to know! Here’s a link explaining why your ‘why’ is your number one business move!

Gabe also advises us to execute our ideas. Ideas don’t do us any good if we don’t execute them!  He said to work hard when it comes to social selling.  Twitter and LinkedIn are great tools to help build our brand. We have to build relationships.  We have to ask ourselves, ‘what is our online reputation? People look us up through our LinkedIn profile, as well as our Twitter profile. This is very powerful, and needs to be optimized correctly.  I also learned from a different expert session that our personal brand is what people are saying about us. Something I read in another publication is how you consistently behave, promote yourself and present yourself to others is your personal brand.

To optimize correctly, you need key words, a consistent name; a good Twitter handle. If you are optimized correctly, using key words with your name, image title, location, etc., google will link you and your profiles higher.

Make sure your photo is professional and consistent throughout your social media. I think we should all Google ourselves, to see exactly what is ‘out there’. Can people find you? Are they finding someone else with the same name?  He recommends buying the URL of your name, so you can protect it for when you need it!

When it comes to Twitter, Gabe wants us to utilize those hashtags. Make sure you only use a few. He wants us to include our website, maybe a link to a slide demo, (make it interactive!  People will notice!) and our LinkedIn profile.

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn friend who made great use of hashtags in his LinkedIn post.

I need to freshen up my own social media, as my account profiles are pretty stale and even contain outdated information.  I believe Gabe when he said that Twitter and LinkedIn are huge right now, so I think this should be a priority for me to give this the attention it deserves. 

Gabe went over how to promote your business on Twitter and LinkedIn. He said to be sure to include a summary of what exactly your business does. I think many of us tend to make it read more like a resume. He said we need to make our profiles more visual!  Add media types!  I love that he said to make our pages more interactive.  Quantify not qualitative.  Brilliant!  I know I don’t always remember to check my pages or add engaging content each week.  One of the best tips he gave was that the best LinkedIn pages are 80 percent industry related and only 20 percent about the company.  I agree with him that people don’t want to read too much information about the company. I feel there’s little opportunity to connect with your viewers when you’re too busy tooting your own horn. You can relate to others when you’re sharing struggles, tips, or even some inspiration!

“Build it and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them and they may come and stay.

Seth Godin

Lastly, Gabe recommended something I found to be super helpful.  A great way to network with people in the field you are interested, or even when you are searching for your dream job, is by connecting with like-minded people. I never thought of using the University Finder option to network and connect with current or alumni students when job seeking. If you are looking into applying for a marketing job, for example, you could also join various social media marketing groups.  I will definitely take his advice and do just that!

In summary, working on your personal branding can pay off big time. Once you have great content, you must not stop there. You need to optimize your social media pages in order for people to find you, check you out, and hopefully stick around!



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  1. I totally agree that optimizing your social media is super important! You mentioned using LinkedIn to do that and to build relationships, which is exactly what I did and so many amazing opportunities presented themselves once I started reaching out.


  2. Really interesting post Jolene! I actually created a second account for my YouTube channel as well. This was mainly because your YouTube is linked with your Gmail account and I wanted to separate personal emails with my channel. It is really useful for organization. You can also link your accounts together so that if you wanted to share your second account for showing work at a job interview.


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