You Thought It Would Be Easy

I thought I knew a lot about social media marketing and how to get people to follow you. I thought it was simple, I thought people just found your company page liked it, looked at what you posted from content to photos to videos and that was that. “There, done!” I would think to myself. Boy, was I wrong! How do social media marketers actually get followers who will engage with your content and want to know what’s new with your company?

There are so many great things I have learned over the last several weeks. From how to interact and connect with people who you want to follow your page. To how to get organized and stay organized with your social media plan. There are many things that have changed from traditional marketing to social media marketing. Way more than I could have imagined!

I remember when you wanted to have as many friends as you possibly could have even if you didn’t know them. Or when you wanted to get thousands of followers even if they didn’t care for your brand and just kept scrolling past your post on Facebook. Now, it’s about get people who actually care about your brand and want to see what you’ve been up to. When they see a video you posted they stop and watch it and take it all in and want to buy your newest item. Those followers are ones who will make the greatest impact on your brand. They will start telling their friends and family about what they saw on your video post. They’re the ones who are excited. They may share your post, may go out and buy your product and post their own video with your product. And, man, does that word-of-mouth spread fast! If they are spreading a great message about your brand others trust their opinion and what to buy your product as well.

It’s not as easy as making a Twitter or Facebook page, posting content and hoping people will follow you and buy your product. With a lot of things in life you need to stay organized. Social media marketers need to figure out a way to keep everything they post on all social media channels, their statistics from posts, and their campaigns. Being organized will save you in costs, help you reach your target audience and will help you preform more efficiently. 

Wouldn’t it feel amazing when everything starts coming together?
When followers are actually commenting on posts and you’re getting great feedback from them.

When you see them posting videos about your products and see others with their comments.

“Great product!”

“I can’t believe that company made that!”

Your Followers

Did you ever get call by a marketing research company to come in and use their product and then you would have to answer questions about that product? I have. I had a six month old son at the time. We were going to get diapers, test them out for a few weeks at home, and then review their product by answering questions, what seems like a million questions that all seemed like the same one. Every week my son and I have to go in and they would check to see if he had any rashes or see if they noticed anything else. By the way, trying to get a six month old to cooperate is not fun. After answering a few questions I was bored and just put whatever done so the company would be happy with what I had written. I wanted to get out of there! I thought to myself if they really even used what I wrote to help them with their research. At least I got paid.

These days with social media it is so much easier to do research for your brand. All you have to do is look at comments people post. Go to blogs and see what they wrote. Google search forums that talk about your brand or a category your brand would be under. You can have data in an hour and you know you got peoples honest opinion.,desirability%20bias%20and%20mistaken%20recall.

Getting into the social media world these days can be daunting. At first you think it’s easy, like I did. Then, you dig deeper on how to really get a great Twitter page or to create great videos on YouTube. There are so many different social media channels out there, your head will spin,so you have to research which ones you should have a profile on. Then, you have to manage all of them. Make sure you don’t post something twice! People will definitely notice that one! 


4 thoughts on “You Thought It Would Be Easy

  1. I agree with your point that taking an organized approach is important for the success of a social media campaign. I also agree that social media marketing is much more complex than it seems! I was also surprised at how involved it can be and how much there is to consider.


  2. I agree with both of these comments and with you. I honestly had no idea how complex social media marketing can be. From creating the perfect content to establishing the perfect plan there’s so much that is involved. When I started out in my current position I thought it was daily post of my random thoughts but doing my research on our customers has really helped expand and have created a quality following group.


  3. It is crazy to think about how many gears need to turn in order to have a successful social media campaign. As you stated, when social media first began to grow, it was all about numbers. In some ways that is still the case, we want to reach out to a large audience after all. However, now it has turned towards reaching out to an audience that will be interested in what you are selling. These customers are going to spread the word through their social media about your business and save you time and money.


  4. I had the same thought as you going into this class. I didn’t realize how complex social media marketing can be. When I first became active on social media, I thought the most important thing was having a large following or getting a lot of likes. Now, I have realized that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that your followers are interested in your content and willing to engage with you. I like that you shared your personal experience with market research, too. I can’t recall having to participate in anything like that, so it was neat to hear about!


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