The Power of Social Media!

Hello! My name is Kasey Loper and today I am going to explain a few reasons as to why social media marketing is so important to me and why it will play such a huge roll in my future. Social media marketing entered my life in a weird way, one day back in 2015 I decided it was time for me to move to Green Bay, WI. I am originally from Escanaba, MI. Once I came to the realization I needed to move to better opportunities so I began to Google Jobs and Housing in Green Bay, WI. After doing so for about 2 hours and not having any luck as I was inexperienced with this type of searching you will never guess what happened next.

A targeted ad for for Green Bay Job Search popped up on my Facebook feed. I then clicked the link and it brought me to a more organized website with great tools to use to hone in on the exact type of job i was looking for that took the skills I had. Needless to say I handed in about 15 resumes that day because of that sweet targeted ad. I had an interview lined up and smashed it like expected. I ended up with a Sous Chef position.

Out of the blue I was asked by my manager to assist with the creation of a content post for Facebook to get customers to engage with the post to give us a little research as to what to keep on the menu for the future. I began to think of our younger generation customers and their natural ability to utilize social media and I created a post regarding a dish in a very chill manner and explained the ingredients within that dish.

The post turned out to be the most successful post our restaurant had ever had, want to know why? Because I included a call to action for engagement. I asked what is your favortite dish here and I will write my next post about it. It ended up getting over 200 comments. That is when I realized digital marketing is something that might be of great interest to me.

I added that social media post that got so much attention to my portfolio to present to my at the time future employer Schneider for whom I applied for a marketing career. I now create social media content for their Fleet Sales department. I am currently ustilizing this position to build a social network via LinkedIn and within the corporate office to help assist with my future career moves and expand my portfolio.

Social media marketing is important to me and my life because it is my vessel to succeed in a career path that I am very comfortable with. I also have a weird addiction to viewing the analytics side of things. Seeing all the different clicks and where they are landing and where they are coming from is absolutely awesome to dig through everyday. I am going to share a few post that worked out really well for me recently to give you an example of how I use social media marketing for my career.

To conclude, my all time life goal is to be able to get to a point where I can gain such a social media presence that I can use it for good purposes even if it may be indirect. Like the picture I posted in my title Elon is giving the opportunity to people who may not have thousands of dollars to put towards stock or crypto an opportunity to get their foot in the door. He did a flux type posting on twitter for DOGE coin with the first post hinting towards DOGE for people to begin to invest and a follow up post for DOGE to spike again. People have been taking their earning from DOGE and GME and utilizing them for such good, it makes me so happy. I was reading about a kid who made big bank from GME after Elon tweeted about it and bought several children in children hospitals Nintendo Switches. Amazing lad!