Social Media Marketing and I!

Well, this is it folks the last class of social media marketing. I am glad to have been part of the group and given the opportunity to read all of your wonderful blog posts to see the different personalities and how those said personalities affect the outcome of your social media marketing strategies.

Social Media Audit

Performing social media audits has become a standard practice in my workplace when implementing a strategy before I begin my social media marketing campaign. Before social media marketing class. In the logistics industry we have plenty of competition to base our audits off of, so there is no lacking in that department.

Social Media Metrics

Social Media metrics and analytics has been an integral part of my daily tasks since I have started in this role. Social media marketing has shed a new light on different points of view when observing metrics and analytics as well as different forms of metric systems to be utilized. I have started using analytics and metric software in a more in depth manner. I have delved into Hootsuite which is what we currently use in an excel format, once my link has been ran through Hootsuite I will bring it over to for a shortened link to provide for my post and a secondary tracking site. I am not sure if it is perfect timing or because of the market but I have noticed a significant increase in my engagements and overall reach from organic post since I have started taking Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing classes with NWTC.


Strategy is another takeaway of mine from taking these courses. My previous strategies were crude and unseasoned. I always knew something was missing with my take on my strategy and once i arrived at section 3 of my social media marketing book on Stukent I quickly realized I was in fact right. There were a lot of holes in my current strategy and I need to patch them up quickly. I began to read about Peter Drucker’s “Management by Objective” concept which broke it down like this. SMART which is an acronym for Significant, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-Based. This list is on a sticky note in my cubicle right now as I type. I keep this mentality when I begin to focus on a campaign or series of posts for the week. I have noticed a tighter focus from my end now that I have steps to follow. My posts look cleaner and I am more satisfied.

Engaging Posts

Getting people to engage with my posts is still something that I feel I need the most work on. I am getting more engagements with my post as of late mainly because I have been focusing more on the finer details of my posts before I post them. I have been working a lot on my captions as well as you can see above I was being relevant with my post as that day was in fact a very rainy day in Shrewsbury, MA and I had a picture of a unit that was also in the rain and got a little clever with my caption in my post and got a few laugh emojis from it. To me that is a win.

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.”

Sandi Krakowski

Paid Social Media

This is one of the chapters that bent my ear a little bit as I am not fully involved in the paid advertisements side of social media marketing. I do maintain the paid ads by answering people’s comments but the beginning stages of paid ads I have not been a part of just yet, I believe in a year I will be more involved. It was good to read and listen about these types of processes to better prepare myself for when I do step into that realm.


My takeaways from this course are great and broaden my portfolio extensively. I am a much different social media marketer than when I started. There is always a conversation about is school worth it or is experience preferred. I can honestly say I am very glad I chose to go to school to put me up with the competition and beyond. There are a lot of factors that I would have never thought about if it weren’t for this course. One of my favorite topics to conclude this blog would have had to have been social media auditing. I do this every day. One of my big questions that I would love to hear some feedback from social media marketers is What are you doing to get customers to engage in your posts? Below is an example of what I have been doing on my end to encourage more followers to get engaged.

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