How to Turn a Bad Experience, Into a Customer for Life.

“Kasey, wait until you hear about this customer I had today”. My wife is also a Schneider employee but she is the Global Leader for Customer Service. She currently runs a team of 12 Customer Service Reps (CSR). When we have a get together or have a work outing with her team, the stories I hear about the customer service world are insane. Even with so many stories combined you would think it would be mostly complaining. This crew is a unique blend of different personalities all striving to accomplish the same goal of providing excellent customer service. There are notes that should be taken when listening to this crew, when speaking with a customer they tend to seek their needs and adjust as much ass they can to make that customer bounce out of that negative mindset and into a more understanding one.

The Best Things To Keep In Mind

When I asked Amy what is a common trend you see with your employees when they receive a bad experience customer call. She told me that the reps definition of good customer service in their mind is meeting the customers needs, in a empathetic, efficient and timely fashion. I am gonna write a few good examples of instances below as well as a few bad ones to give a nice comparison of how to help that customer through their bad experience.


  1. The employee who shows appreciation to repeat customers. A huge act that can put you above the rest is NOTES. Takin them notes. If you greet a customer by their first name and look bad to previous talking points and include them into your conversation you are more than likely going to have an excellent interaction leaving that customer feeling special.
  2. The employee who goes out of their way to make a great experience for the customer. Now Amy was blessed with 12 of these types of employees, do not ask me how because I simply do not understand it either, I think what it comes down to is the energy of the majority to be honest. Alright, back to number 2, The initiative to take a struggling customer and assist them through a fun or meaningful experience in my opinion is one of the best skills.
  3. Product Knowledge. This is the customer service I personally seek as for most goods I know what i want but when it comes to anything that is technical I am going to ask several questions. My money has always gone to the knowledgeable salesman. This is how I made the decision for my truck, my house, and the construction of our swimming pool. You bring that knowledge and you answer all of them questions and if you do not know the answer but seek the answer, you are gonna win over that customer I guarantee it.
A great example of going above an beyond for a customer, and bringing that energy.


  1. Making a customer wait. Let me tell you you want to make a bad experience worse, make them wait. I have had plenty of instance where this was the case for me. I have a decent amount of patience but for some reason when I have to wait for a problem resolution that involves a mishap with my money I turn into a different person. To avoid this you need to interact with your customer to let them know where you are at in your problem resolution not to be confused with unhelpful chat like i describe below.
Graph: When you call a company's customer service line, how long is too long to wait on hold?

2. Unhelpful conversational coincides with making them wait to long. It seems like unhelpful chat is a filler for time while the employee hopes for them to just walk away. This is a very negative action to take as an employee. You need to be clear and precise in your verbiage to ensure the customer knows you have the ability to at least assist with the issue.

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3. A lack of empathy. I carry the ability to provide empathy from previous experiences of working in assisted living com. having empathy is a skill in it’s own. A few examples to help better understand of how not having empathy would have to be something like a tone mismatch that leaves the customer feeling unfulfilled or unheard. Like the 2 examples i gave previously another form of lack of empathy is the customer feeling like they are being brushed off, what a lonely feeling that must be. think about that and let it resonate within you the next time you have a customer service experience like this.

To conclude, if you can take anything away from this blog please let it be practicing empathy and product knowledge. I say this because these were my 2 biggest inexperience’s before I got into a customer service oriented environment. Since I have learned these skills I have customers I meet up with lunch and have access to opportunity that could only be an option for family. Put yourself in their shoes, meet their needs and gain a customer for life.