My Social Media Design Tale

by Mae Cornelius

Would I take this class again if I could go back in time? Absolutely! I learn so much about social media and the things I like about it and the things that I do not like about it. Unfortunately, life happened to me this semester.

Moments before the break.

I broke my collar bone tubing going UP the hill on the lift and getting dropped upside down. The x-rays were so clear my 10- year-old son’s jaw dropped when he saw it. I had to wait five agonizing days to have surgery to fix the break. They put in a plate and six screws. Between that and a bunch of other drama, I was not able to dedicate the time that I wanted to my studies.

Posting on social media is something that I do carefully, although, I have not always posted in that manner. When I was younger, I would post without regard of who may see it. As I got older and realized the impact it could have on my life, I was more careful (plus I really do not care for the drama, but do not mind watching someone else’s drama).

 Watching Personal Branding Examples with Dennis Yu and Logan Young I realized that I was already putting effort into my personal branding. Most my posts are about school, family (my plants are family too), and crafts.  I will continue to post carefully and with a different emphasis. Crafting posts with consistency and intention.

Posting blogs is not something that I am good at or like doing. I feel like it is writing a paper with the intention of a million other people judging me and I really hate that. It is not the fact that other people are reading it, because if that were it, I would not post on social media. It is having to do all the writing and knowing that I do not really care for writing. Rather I am not confident in my writing skills.

Don’t need a doctor to read that x-ray.

I do think that blog writing was a good experience, but it is not something I see myself doing in the future. However, I do read blogs often to get advice and use them as references at times in papers and at work. Blogs are good when wanting examples of what to do or what not to do like this blog 10 Things You Should Never do in Your Cover Letter by Cameron Chapman. Honestly, I did not even realize that those were blogs until taking this class.

Creating posts and developing a social media plan is more of something that I enjoy. I was not able to do the Hootsuite section of learning but still want to learn. From what I have seen of Hootsuite it seems to be user-friendly, but I will find out for myself eventually.

I felt like the guest speakers were able to speak to the development of social media planning at their places of work and offered some insight into that industry. I enjoyed their stories of success and real-life setbacks they had. Learning from others experience’s is something that no book can really offer. Real-life offers more situations than one could ever think of.

For the first time in my life, I listened to a podcast. This will not be the last. Much like having the guest speakers there was something about them that really piqued my interest.

Using paid social media is something that I would have like to learn more about. I see it everywhere and now that I have a better idea of how it functions, I toy with it a little and I do not click the top links on the page with Ad next to it, especially if it is a small business. I have a greater appreciation for small businesses with social media accounts because of the time and effort that goes into it.

After all of that if you ask me again, would I take this class again if I could go back in time, the answer remains the same absolutely! Social media is so young and changing so fast the next time I would have the opportunity to take it there would be new material to learn, new tools to use and the algorithms will be changed. There is so much to learn and so many ways for it to be taught I do not think this topic will fade into the background for a long time, if ever.


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  1. Oh goodness, sorry about your collar bone! I would also like to learn more about paid advertising specifically Google AdWords. I want to focus on how to effectively choose key words and CPA without wasting money.


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