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Social media is used in all different parts of my life. I use different platforms for different things and sometimes use more than one platform with the same post or image. Social media has become a significant part of my every day and here are some reasons why…

First you need to know a little about me. I am Native American, the 4th of 5 children and have birthed 5 children of my own. My mother (14th of 14) and father (6th of 7) were from large families, meaning I have a lot of cousins. I play in volleyball and softball leagues. I like crafting, gardening, and going to music festivals. And to top things off, I’m a full-time student. The reason why all of that is important is because it shows how busy I am, how large my network is, and my variety of interests.

June 1927 after running from Milwaukee to Chicago nonstop in 19 hours & 47 minutes.

Facebook is one of my favorite ways to keep in touch with family and friends. I am the administrator of one group, the Webster Family group, that has 76 members. We use this group to organize family get togethers, share info and just stay connected. One task that we are trying to accomplish is reviving a 55 mile relay honor run we did in the past to honor my grandfather, a professional runner, Levi Parker Webster.

I have also used, or been part of, groups to manage softball and volleyball teams, share gardening tips, sell items, get tattoo ideas, and, most recently, attend class. I like the way groups are focused, everyone in the group knows what to expect and posts accordingly. Every group is different, and the administrator can choose different functions to make the group as private or public as they want.

Geo-tag, where you @!

Snapchat I love because of the filters, stickers and geo-tags. I am in a group with my 8- and 20-year-old daughters and they are constantly sending random snaps. All of my kids use this platform more often than I do and will even send snaps across the room instead of talking to each other.

I like the self-destruct function of Snapchat and the geo-tags available. I use the geo-tag most often when taking pictures of fabric at My Favorite Quit Shop. I do this in an effort to bring more customers to the shop (I’ve been told by the owner that it is working) and because the fabrics are so beautiful not to share.

Me and Michael during his interview.

On the professional level I use social media for keeping up with trends in industries of my interest, training/webinars and employment opportunities. LinkedIn is the platform that I use the most for professional reasons. I have used it to connect with former scholarship recipients to follow up on their progress.

I have used LinkedIn to create posts sharing those stories. Click here to see the YouTube video of my friend Michael Weaver (pictured with me right) who is one of these scholarship recipients. This was the first time I had a student let us take video, photos, and interview, most only let us interview them.

A solution to a problem that is not to far outside the box.

One of my LinkedIn contacts, Christopher Peguero, Seattle City Light’s Environmental Equity Manager, posts regularly regarding diversity and inclusion. The perspective that those post bring is something that we need more of on social media in my opinion. I really like the “solutions” to societies problems and would like to be able to bring some of those ideas here to our world.

I have an appreciation for beautiful things… Social media feeds this appreciation. All platforms of social media have the creative element and I absolutely love it. Instagram has become a rabbit hole, so to say, for me. I do not use Instagram professionally, although, I do see the value in it, especially for artist.

Another aspect of social media that I greatly appreciate is the sharing of information and ideas. One of the groups I am in is dedicated to gardening, sustainable living, and herbalism. The group is the Northeast Wisconsin Herb Society and is administered by my friend Jackie Johnson. Jackie shares post that are relevant to the current season or upcoming season. I enjoy this group because they do not post too often and many of the ideas are easy to do.

I use social media in all aspects of my life. I use social media to help me make decisions. I use social media to stay connected to those I care about. I use social media to learn new things. I ❤ social media!

I have an appreciation for beautiful things… Social media feeds this appreciation.

Mae Cornelius

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s amazing just how many different interests, causes, and connections people have been able to discover and celebrate with this kind of platform. There really is something for everyone (or, for probably the majority of us, a whole lot of things)!

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