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Growing up I wasn’t allowed to have any social media until I was in high school. All of my friends had myspace, Facebook and other apps on their phones to communicate with friends. My parents were very strict on what I was being exposed to. When I finally was able to make my facebook account when I finished eighth grade, they had my password and monitored what I was doing and who I was talking to. Things have changed a lot for me since then.

Today I have accounts on most platforms, and until recently they were all public. Growing up with my parents keeping an eye on my media presence and monitoring who I was talking to actually helped me realize what is appropriate to post and what is not at an early age. They always told me what you post doesn’t go away. You see a lot of new stories about young adults and celebrities alike losing opportuities because someone found something in their past on social media that was inapproriate. Due to the world we live in we have seen a number of opinionated posts this past year, a lot of those have lead to the suspension and expulsion of students all over the united states. NBC News, reported a story of a Georgia college student who used racial slur in a social media post earlier this year. The student was then expelled and at the end of the article it lists other students who had done similar actions and their consequences. luckily I have never had to deal with a situation like this. I and stress the importance of monitoring your posts and realizing that not everything needs to be posted online.

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The importance of social media in my life comes from keeping in contact with friends and family. I have recently moved and am hours away from everyone I know. Social media allows me to talk to and keep up with their lives as if I am still there. Its much easier for me to log onto my Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook account and see everything that everyone has posted then to call and text individually to ask about their day or to say hello.

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As I said previously, I have made all my accounts private, I have also deleted all my followers and friends I don’t communicate with on a personal level so my social media is more meaningful to me. When I started college in 2015 the influencer trend was just starting. At that time I had thousands of followers and did things to gain them regularly, I was contacted by a few brands to promote products for them and was always thinking what i could do next. I spent hours editing photos to look a certain way on my feed and put so much time into my social media. About 1.5 years later I decided to make my account more personal and stopped caring so much about how other perceive me and the amount of likes I get on a post. Now coming into a career/program that is media focused I have some regrets of minimizing my reach and not continuing to build the brand I was building previously.

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All in all my social media presence has changed over the years. The importance of keeping in contact with friends and family has stayed the same. The biggest change for me will be continuing to build my personal brand to help gain my reach and connections within the industry I decide to pursue upon graduating. I hope that younger generations take social media and the consequences of it seriously and I plan to instill the same values into my children one day, as I don’t see social media going anywhere.

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  1. I read your post and truthfully almost felt jealous of your situation of not having access to social media in your earlier years. I remember very clearly having a period in life where I spent days (literally) scouring my social media profiles and removing anything I felt that might jeopardize my opportunity of being hired by a business I was hoping to work for. I love the advice that Erin Bury offers about treating your online presence like a billboard with your face on it. Had I taken her advice in my earlier days, I wouldn’t have had to spend so many hours scouring my social media profiles prior to interviewing for a job.


  2. I hear you on having regrets about not keeping your follower base. I’ve never had a huge following- or really one at all. Instead I regret not reaching out more to the base that I do have. This part of marketing is putting me out of my comport zone, as I’ve never promoted myself on social media before. I have a LinkedIn page but it’s very mediocre. Maybe you can use your knowledge from being an influencer and help out other classmates? That could be another way to build up your following by offering marketing advice.


  3. I can relate to this because I also didn’t have access to social media until later than most of my peers! Great points about making social media personal to you and keeping it how you want. It’s pretty cool to be yourself online like that!


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