An Artists Perspective

Social media plays an important role in everyday life for many people. Online applications like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok are the most popular forms of social media in my opinion. I interact with each one daily, sometimes for too many hours. They are tools to keep me informed on news globally or personally. It has changed my life by making communication much easier and allows me to have many different ways to find the information I wouldn’t otherwise have known.  Social media platforms such as blogs, photo and video sharing, and forums are all important tools in day to day life.

Social media platforms are without question a relevant and popular source of daily entertainment. Demographics show that 3.8 Billion people use social media actively.

We Are Social, in partnership with Hootsuite, show that digital, mobile, and social media have become an indispensable part of everyday life for people all over the world. I have seen this firsthand. Every single person I know has some form of social media.

Critically, marketers can now use Facebook to reach one-third of all the world’s adults aged 18 and above, and more than half of all the world’s adults aged 18 to 34.


I have found that social media has helped me in many different ways. One of the most influential ways my life has been affected by social media is how it influenced my art. Countless hours have been spent on YouTube drawing tutorials in my life. I honestly do not know if I would be enrolled in a digital design college course if not for social media. If I never improved with my art through YouTube, then I wouldn’t be here today writing a blog for this class. Furthermore, Instagram and TikTok have also provided me with an influence on my art style and goals.

Every day I see new art on social media. Challenges like Inktober, popular on Instagram, force artists to draw things they might never have thought of before. It enhances creativity and keeps you to a strict schedule. Social media is crucial to many artists for expanding their audience and personal brands. 

The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Your Art Through Social Media

I am grateful to live in a time with so many forms of media. Likewise, it is important to me professionally in the future and right now as a student to be involved with social media. What a time we are living in, with unlimited resources at our fingertips. Artists have the ability and opportunity to grow online like never before, providing themselves with jobs and income for doing what they love.