Why do we want to plan our strategy?

In chapters 5 through 8 it teaches us how to strategize social media for more followers. The first thing we want to do is create a marketing plan. After you have created a plan you want to manage your communication channels. The content that gets designed is also very important. You want to pay attention to any design/communication flaws that would reflect negatively on your brand.  Then we learned how to use social media advertising to promote our posts. This will allow our posts to reach the desired demographic. This is important so that you are not advertising for people who have no interest in your brand.

One thing to focus on is, value-driving perspective. This is when you pay attention to weather an action will result in positive consequences for your brand.  You want to make sure that your communication channels in social media flow is appropriate for what the brand is trying to achieve. The two consequences if the marketing does not work out is the post gets ignored. Or you have a negative response. Getting ignored is the least bad of the two. You can assess what was done wrong and adjust your plan from there. However, if you are getting a negative response, then you need to be careful. A negative communication channel can cause yoru consumer to quit working with you and never look back.

I personally like this quote because it explains the difference between strategy and tactic. This is important to know because it is a huge part of your plan. Your tactics are the way you act to get to a goal. Your strategy is going to include all aspects it takes to reach success.

When you are managing Social media communications and planning cycles it is important to create a schedule. This way it is easier to stick to your plan, and you already have planned out what you are posting and where. Planning is important because you have a schedule, and everything already figured out when the day comes for a new post. That way you can control how much you are posting, and what kind of content reaches your audience. A lot of companies have certain people who control marketing. They design desired graphics, control posts, and pay attention to their social media traffic. Advertisement on social media is a great way to get people to click on your page.

When you are designing content for social media communications you want to use an aesthetic simple piece. The more your posts prompt a thought, the more comments you are going get. Commenting with your followers is a great way to create a positive communication channel. When you are using paid social media- Advertising on Social media platforms are a great way to utilize social media advertising to the fullest potential. Paying to promote posts ensure that your brand’s content is more exposed. You can enter a desired demographic so that you are getting the fullest potential out of your advertisement. Info graphics are the most popular graphics. I think this is true because infographics are a great way to understand a process.

Creating thoughtful conversation between company and consumer.

The next thing I want to talk about is the importance of positive customer service, and how negative customer service could be ruining your brand. When your consumers reach out, most of the time it is because they have a problem, they are looking to get fixed. So, they come to your customer service section, because they need help. They are looking for a fix to a problem they have, or the product or service they have from your brand is being problematic. If the consumer has a positive experience with your customer service, they are more likely to work, or continue to work with your brand. If they have a negative experience your brand will have a negative association with how the brand is run. There are some companies who encourage people to tweet their questions at them. This is utilizing social media and hashtags positively. This ensures a conversation between your company and the consumer.

As you can tell paying attention, and planning is essential to ensuring your brand’s social media is run smoothly. The more everything switches to online, the more social media becomes more relevant. A brand should use multiple different platforms, and post content that correlates to their customers and their brand. Each platform can be utilized for different types of content. You can reach more followers by creating more traffic to your business plan. We do this by increasing our posts, hashtags, and create interesting content.