Insights From Social Media Marketing

If you were ever thinking about taking a social media marketing course, don’t.

I’m JUST KIDDING! A social media marketing course will provide you with a TON of valuable information. This is my final blog post for this class… SAD that it is over already, as I loved learning about some techniques. If you took a course like this, I am sure you can relate. Today I am going to be talking about some key takeaways that I got from this course and why YOU should take a class on it, if you haven’t already.

First of I learned that your personal brand means A LOT more than you think. If you haven’t already started working on your personal brand, do it ASAP. A former basketball star said “You don’t need a corporation or a marketing company to brand you now: you can do it yourself. You can establish who you are with a social media following.” -Ray Allen, former American professional basketball player

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The reason I am stressing this is because with your personal brand you can create endless opportunities for yourself. Logan Young is Co-founder of BlitzMetrics, and he started working on his personal brand when he was in college. He worked on his personal brand and ended up meeting Mark Zuckerberg! He is still super young and all he did to be able to do that was by working on his personal brand. When I learned about personal branding and what it meant and what you can do to work on it, I was excited when they related to this scenario. Who knows maybe one day soon, if you start working on your personal brand you can meet Mark Zuckerberg. That is just amazing to me!

So, without further or due let me explain some tips I used to start my brand. For starters I created a LinkedIn and added a professional photo of myself. A brief description on what to do then is start making connections, connect with business leaders, associates, etc.. Click here if you want more LinkedIn advice. Next thing I am going to talk about is your ‘elevator pitch’. Your elevator pitch is a 30-60 second pitch story about who you are. This is your go to pitch, let’s say if you are getting in the same elevator as the CEO of the company, and your just started as the front desk clerk. Having a professional 30-60 story about who you are, what you do, and how you do it, may have a huge impact on that CEO. These are only 2 tips that I have already done myself, but there are SO many other ways that you can work on your personal brand.

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At the end of this course I had to do a social media marketing strategy project of a company. When I first started this project, I was kind of excited because social media marketing is fascinating! I had to do a Facebook Audit of the company I choose, I didn’t know that you could get so much information about average posts, the length, your engagement rate and so much more. It is basically the analytics of your page. I had no idea that anyone can do it, different pages too! So, within this audit I uncovered a lot of information regarding my company’s and its competitors. I could see where they stood and by doing that you can see what you are doing good in and what you are doing bad in. It is that easy to see opportunity’s that can make your overall company more profitable. A SWOT analysis also shows a company its strengths, weaknesses, opportunity’s, and its threats. If you do this yourself, you have to be completely honest with yourself to get the best results. I created SMART goals which is a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Just thinking about it, makes you think ‘duh’ what else is a goal supposed to be. Actually, a lot of business create goals and think too big. When that happens, you end up discouraged to keep progressing when you couldn’t reach that goal. So, your goal needs to make sense. Next I learned about your target audience. Your target audience is just like what it sounds like your targeting consumers. You need to figure out what your product or service is best for which audience. Next I learned about which is the best platform for your intended audience. This is helpful because you don’t want to create a page on one site, if most of your target audience is on a different site.

Okay enough about the project. I just wanted to point out some key things in this course that I took away from it. The things I talked about today is just a start to what I learned from this course. Now a day’s social media presence is insane. Lots of successful business are using social media marketing to continue to be successful. Overall, I would rate this class a 5 out of 5 stars. This stuff is very usual even if you aren’t going into marketing, it could help you start you own business and be successful. If you were intrigued and want to learn more about social media marketing I recommend checking this site out.