The most important tool in your toolbox of business.

In the class Social Media Marketing, we learned the importance of social media, and how to grow a business by utilizing it as a tool. I took this class for my Digital Arts Program. Social media gives us an output method to advertise the designs we make for the business who hired us.

We learned is how to utilize social media as a marketing tool. Although I have had some previous knowledge of this in the past, I was surprised by the different possibilities. You want to edit your page to be as unique and accurate as possible. You also want your social media pages to be consistent as possible. So, utilizing your same logo and name is important! Next you can create ads and promote them. By investing a small amount of money, your posts get boosted to your desired demographic. Then you can create as strategy to increase followers, engagements, and likes on the business page.

My group chose Happily Ever After Pet Sanctuary to create a marketing strategy for. First, we had to complete a social media audit. Then we chose a goal to focus on for the Instagram page. Then we picked a tactic to develop our goals. Then figured out the target demographic. The social media strategy laid out step-by-step how you are going to get your social media campaign to do the best it possibly can. You can then review it quarterly, and adjust as needed.

Another thing I learned was how to measure and see how a social media campaign is performing. Each social media page has an option to see your metrics on each post when you are a business page. You can also see who is looking at your posts, and how much engaging is happening. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will show you’re your metrics on your posts and engagements.

Engaging through social media is so important. Before this class I am always tempted to leave some comments or messages unanswered. Especially when I am off the clock. Now I utilize this knowledge at my current job, because I run the Instagram page. Now I understand how important it is to create a positive experience for the customer. Connecting through social media does that, especially through the covid-19 pandemic. We want our information flow to go both ways between the company and the client (Stephan).

I will be utilizing what I took from this class to grow my own business after I graduate. I am currently using this knowledge to help the company I currently work for grow and gain more followers on social media. My next project is conducting a social media audit of the company’s activity. Then creating a marketing strategy to help our business grow. By creating a marketing strategy, I will be creating a plan to strengthen the weak parts of our social media audit plan. This will help narrow down the platform, audience, and tactic I will be using.

The biggest thing that I took from this class was to engage with customers through social media. Not only do you want to create content that’s easy to engage with, you also want to be asking questions. When you ask a question on social media that creates an open window for engagement with the customer. They answer and you can have a short positive conversation, that may entice them to come into the store.

Another thing I took from this class was new ideas for marketing on social media. I have made it a goal for the current business I work for to start posting 1-minute informative videos. I think this is important because I work for an herb shop. This allows for our customers to learn about our herbs and realize how they can incorporate it into their life. It also creates a window for engagement, and more traffic on the social media pages.

This class taught us how to use social media to its full potential. Not only do we want to create a consistent brand. We want to post content that is interesting and engaging. Then we want to increase our popularity by increasing our following. We can tract this by doing a social media audit. This will break down and analyze our social media metrics. After that we can create a social media strategy to ensure that our next campaign is successful.

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