Social Media Marketing Reflection

After completing this social media marketing class I can say that I got more out of it than anticipated. I went into this class thinking it would be a lot of common sense things for me like how to post a picture on Instagram or create unique content for followers to stay intrigued but there was much more under the surface to understand how much goes into social media marketing. No matter how big or small your business is, having a social media presence is the new norm for communicating with past, present and future customers. 

One thing that I found the most interesting was the complexity of a social media calendar especially when looking at the larger companies. I figured you would have one calendar and post everything at the same time on each platform when in reality each platform practically had their own calendar because there were specific times on each social media platform to post on for the best chance of engagement from followers.

After doing the final project it was really eye opening how many businesses can be so behind on their socials. In my opinion, in todays world you really need to adjust and have a larger presence on whatever social media profile you have for your business. I can tell you that I have found new businesses that I’ve ordered from by just finding them on social media. I literally just ordered a pair of shoes from a boutique in Utah that I would have NEVER heard of if it wasn’t for my 1am can’t sleep so lets scroll through Instagram nights. 

There are some businesses I follow on some social media platforms and some I can’t help but laugh at because they are so clueless how to post quality content. I literally want to have a job that just goes around fixing businesses social media pages because it bothers me that much! 

Speaking of jobs and how I would apply this to my future, I have actually been looking into a social media marketing internship at my work so this class definitely helped me prepare for an interview if I get the chance! I work for the Packers so they definitely need a team just to run their social accounts so doing something like that for such a large organization would be really cool and a great experience. 

Giveaways were another interesting topic and how some types of giveaways are more successful than others. Simple giveaways like using a hashtag to enter were great and easy for followers whereas liking, sharing, commenting etc took more time for those who wanted to enter and possibly lowering the amount of people who actually did so. I became a Zyia activewear member a couple months ago and doing simple giveaways for free shipping or a $10 gift card is always an easy way to get more orders and depending on the way to enter usually it has something to do with inviting more friends to my page so it’s a win win for the both of us! So along with this class I am able to try out some strategies on my own pages and I also joined a marketing design page so I can follow along for tips from other reps which has definitely helped my start up and get the ball rolling right away. 

“By thwarting technology, you’re thwarting future job growth.”

Pearl Kamer