Me: Doctor, You’ve Gotta Help Me! I’m Addicted to Social Media. Doctor: I Don’t Follow You.

Dad joke. Terrible. Very awful. But here we are.

This class was great. I’ve taken a few classes now that are program specific, and I will say I got the most out of this one. As I enter the next phase of my work-life-school balance, I see myself using a lot of what I learned in this class.

“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.”

Seth Godin

Fun quote-ski thrown in, right at the beginning. Blog post rules, be hecked!

Early on in the class we watched a Stukent Expert Session video featuring Dennis Yu and Logan Young. They discussed personal branding, interviewing, and featuring influencers. It struck a huge cord with me. I remember thinking, if I get one bit of information from this class, it’s from this session. The next week I re-branded my old wrestling persona public figure page into a pseudo interviewer/wannabe influencer/public figure page. I haven’t done a true social audit yet, but I do know my video views are up, as are new likes. I intend on keeping up with interviews and content, so check out this cheap plug, and smash that like button to see me talking in front of a black sheet:

As this class concludes, I am finding myself more sensitive to the use of hashtags, and @’s, specifically on Facebook and LinkedIn. I knew going in why hashtags are more effective on Twitter and Instagram, and we found out over eight weeks why that is. Apparently using them can actually lead to a decrease in reach on Facebook. My former peers continue to use hashtags when promoting their stuff on the Book of Many Faces. I’ve tried steering them away, but America.

Slightly speaking of LinkedIn…I knew next to nothing about it before this class! I think I remember signing up in 2013 when I was in between jobs. The usability was either too low, or I was too stupid…either way I didn’t last very long on it. Sort of had the feel that it was for snobby office types, which certainly didn’t describe me at the time. A few weeks ago however I decided to fire up my account, and completely overhaul it. Since then I’ve made some really great connections, and have used it to keep an eye on industry jobs. I still think some of the posts read a little pompous and read-baity. Such as:

“Billy Batterson” writes: 5 Reasons Why You’re Doing Your Job ALL Wrong and Why That’s Okay

Then I click on it or whatever, and it’s clearly written to get your attention. Which it did. So, I guess another win for Billy Batterson. That said, I do recommend to any of my classmates to get on the LI if you haven’t already. If only to tout yourself, and your accomplishments. Or if you want more reasons, check out this link.

A selfish takeaway will be how much I enjoyed going to class in person, and how bummed I am knowing I might not take any other classes in person until January. We discussed frequently discussed pizza. We chatted up the potential ban, sale, and all around pending doom of Tik Tok, and discovered our addictions to various forms of social media. This will be the 5th class I’ve completed since January, and I’ve been in an actual classroom for a mere 31% of that time, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Sad emoji.

All right, that detour into the Depression Highway is steered back in to Happiness Lane. Or something. Here we go. Okay. Back on track. Here we go. In the past week I actually interviewed for an internship/unpaid job for a kayak rental service. Position was to run the social media campaign and digital to kickstart the 2021 summer season. And….I got it! Well, maybe shouldn’t be that braggadocious, since there’s no casholla, but I will say if it wasn’t for Social Media Marketing, I wouldn’t be the digital director of a company that has two employees (I’m one of them).

As we close, my question for the class: what’s your future look like after this class? Going for any industry related jobs? Internships? I can’t recommend the Handshake site that NWTC offers, as their resume building services are top notch. Also try to connect with Brad Zima, he’s an internship advisor, and great resource.

Peace! It has been real. It has been fun. But has it been real fun?


3 thoughts on “Me: Doctor, You’ve Gotta Help Me! I’m Addicted to Social Media. Doctor: I Don’t Follow You.

  1. It’s great that you were able to instantly apply what you learned in this class onto your own personal page. I’m an activewear rep for a company and run my own page so I was able to apply some useful tips to my page as well. Good luck with yours in the future!


  2. Interesting to read how this class has morphed your approach to your social media presence. I also like the text on the Django meme. Expecting this social media thing to be a success without a clear plan of engagement is laughable. Kudos for turning the knowledge gained in class into an employment opportunity.


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