To Infinity and Beyond

In a world of never-ending knowledge there is a lot of useless and fake information to be found in the universe of social media. One could say that this place is a whole new planet with alter-egos and bigfoot sightings. Although, there are benefits with this at your fingertips information, it lacks a certain privacy that one now craves. Conversations are lost to “ I saw you had a trip in Italy.” instead of “What’s new with you?”. We are constantly in touch with each other almost to the point of too much. Everyone feels the need to share their lives to be significant in this realm of social media. You are no one, unless you post, tweet, tik-tok, like, share, and comment. Who are we without our pages to define us? Did you even do anything in your life without announcing it or sharing pictures? Do people even care if you get only two likes, 3 views, and a comment from your grandma? 

This competitive alter reality of our lives has now over flowed to the professional world. Some companies are only popular from social media and do no other advertising. They rule the social world, with their ambassadors and epic posts. Working within the marketing world is like trying to predict the weather. Each week, day, hour changes for what is popular with your followers. Trying to stay within the loop to keep everyone engaged is to say the least, EXHAUSTING. While at the same time, super thrilling. I had the privilege of working with two different companies in handling their social media. Each one had its own set schedule and content that fit their following. The amount of research that went into figuring out what these people want to see was borderline stalkerish. With the wonderful use of analytics, a marketer could dive in and see how old, location, and common likes a follower has on their social media. 

One company was a boat dealership that had a following of men between the ages of 30 and up. Me, being a 20ish year old female had some deep diving to do and thought processes to overcome to connect with 50 year old men. Long story short, these men looked at their social media mostly early in the morning, mid afternoon poop break and before bed. They also enjoyed horrible resolution pictures and cheesy jokes. To help better connect with them I took it upon myself to create a survey that I sent to key followers to find out what they followed and liked. Adapting to one’s role in the social marketing world can be a challenge. Especially if you are not a part of the general following. It takes patience and research to grasp what your followers want to see and what you want them to see. 

All in all, social media is a nuisance that won’t go away anytime soon but, if manipulated properly can be beneficial and rewarding. Even if grandma only likes it.

One thought on “To Infinity and Beyond

  1. I feel that people today are so connected that it makes us less connected than ever. Even when we do talk to people the conversation is just commenting on things you’ve seen them do online. In a professional setting it can be hectic to keep track of all of the trends but it is crazy to see how specific you can get your demographics will analytics. It really shows too when you tailor ads to that specific demographic. In my post I mentioned that people who don’t use technology and social media will be left in the dust, but maybe we would be better off?


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