Importance of Social Media

Social media has a great importance not only in my personal life but also throughout my professional life. All social media platforms contribute to the collection of knowledge we gain from the internet and has an impact on the way we live and what we believe in. Social media is prevalent in almost everyone’s life and it has the opportunity to help us be more successful people. Those who appose social media and technology advancements, or are stubborn against change, will be left in the dust, not being able to properly interact with the world around them.

In my personal life I use social media for a number of different things including staying in touch with people. There are some people that I talk to daily on social media and others I only interact with by sending content or liking their content. There are ways I use social media to stay in contact with people that I don’t see often or hear from often. An example of this is the game clash of clans, where the majority of my cousins are in a clan and we can ask each other things in the chat or even say happy birthday. This way of communication is special because it reaches people, I know that do not own a cell phone.

Another reason social media is important in my personal life is that it helps me stay in touch with what is happening in the world. You can watch television and news to get information, however it can only give you so much. Sometimes I want to know more in depth about a topic and can research it in a number of different platforms. Some of these platforms include YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and Spotify. With these social media apps that are many different types of content such as articles, videos, podcasts and discussions. With these resources’ information can be gathered, compared, sorted and shared, which is important for knowing the information you are getting is accurate.

         Social media is also important in one’s professional life, especially mine. Even since I started my job at Shopko, social media played an important role. When I think back to this time I remember the importance of my personal brand on social media in particular. In my interview my interviewer told me that he had looked me up on google and saw that I was involved in a robotics program at my school. He was impressed and I feel that this was a contributing factor to why I got the job. After that moment I realized just how important social media is in my professional life because everything you post on the internet can be used to benefit or lessen your personal brand.

         After starting my second job, at a resort in Door County, Ii gained knowledge on the importance of social media and the effects it can have on a business when not present. The business was on Facebook but not any other platforms that are vital to a business, such as YouTube, Twitter Instagram and Yelp. The hardly ever posted, or even knew what was said about the business on other platforms. For example, the business had a Yelp page that was created by a guest that left a review. The review was poor and listen many things they were not happy with, which affected this business in the future because it was included in the search of the resort on the internet. The review was not known about and therefore the complaints were not addressed correctly, and the customer was left without compensation. This situation proves that your image on the internet needs to be monitored and kept updated. It also proves that by taking the full advantage of all platforms it can reach more people, or even reassure them if one thing they see about the business is not appealing.

         One of the most important things about social media for a business is there ability to reach customers. From advertising to holding giveaways of live videos, social media can be used in businesses advantage. Throughout my personal life and professional life social media has played an important role and it will continue to evolve long after I am gone. There are many lessons that can be learned by monitoring one’s personal brand or brand image on the internet. Although social media can be used in destructive and unusefull ways that are many things that the internet can provide to better people. It can bring them together, provide information, get a conversation started on important subjects and provide businesses with a vital platform to reach customers.