Watching a business grow with the help of social media.

I have had the amazing opportunity to watch and help a local Green Bay bar rebrand to become the amazing gastro pub Main Street Bourbon Room. Although I have not personally been involved with the marketing side of this, it is why now that I am going into marketing. I do work at Main Street Bourbon Room I am currently a waitress and a bartender there but from watching our marketing manager I have learned a lot. As much as I personally love this restaurant and am so happy to be working here, I am going to try and keep this from sounding like gushing about it and more importantly gushing about how awesome the marketing manager is and how much she does for the business. So to start off it all started back in 2017 with the rebranding of the bar called Shenanigan’s Irish pub.

Above are some screenshots of the first social media posting as Main Street Bourbon Room. To start the rebranding process they had to show that they were making some changes from college dive bar to an “up scale bourbon-centric gastro pub”. Once they gave the place a proper “face lift” it was time to show off the food that we would be offering on the menu. Now that Main Street Bourbon Room (MSBR) has been open for a few years granted we still run into a few bumps in the road from time to time. Caitlin the marketing marketing manager does a fantastic job at rolling with the punches with all of us, and is always there to highlight our learning/growing on a personal level or all of us as a whole. Even with all the crazy stuff that happened and is still happening Caitlin did a great job at making sure that even if we couldn’t be there welcoming you in that we were still there and as soon as we could would be there to welcome you back in with your favorite cocktail. She was able to do this because of social media. She even started #quarantinekitchen that showcased the head chef of MSBR in her own kitchen showing off her amazing cooking skills and her own recipes. She did this by creating videos to show it off but without social media she wouldn’t have been able to do any of the amazing things and how much she has helped grow MSBR into what it is now and what it will become. Here are some more pictures of some of the amazing things that she has done for all of us at MSBR.

Sorry everyone I tried to not get gushy about how amazing she is but honestly we are all just a huge family at MSBR I just couldn’t help it. I also know that this might not seem as person of a reason or that its not my profession, but this is why I want to go into marketing. I’ve been there since the start of MSBR and without her I don’t think we would have come as far and as quickly without her. So it is personal to me maybe in a round about way but it is, and because of this amazing and at times strange family that I have stumbled into I found what I wanted to do and work towards. So in conclusion I can’t wait to be able to do all of the amazing things that I have seen her do. I couldn’t be more proud or happier to be able to learn from her, and I hope I am half as good as she is.