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Social media is a blessing and a curse in many ways. Personally, I could live without most of it. I skim Facebook to keep up with family and friends and have an Instagram for my Etsy business but that is the majority of my social media presence. I’m not sure if this counts but I do frequent the website regularly, as an image sharing website. Overall, I couldn’t care less about social media and it’s uses.

Something I found interesting recently is an article about the top social media websites you should know about in 2020. The number one? Facebook. Who uses Facebook anymore?! Apparently it still has about 1.59 billion active users each month. When I think about social media up and coming, I think of TikTok and Twitter, but maybe I’m just old. I am 26 and my nephew is about to be 19. I’m only about 7 years older than him but I still feel old in comparison because for the longest time, I had no idea what Fortnite was. But ANYWAY, he has been teaching me some new things in preparation for this class.

TikTok for Business: What is TikTok Anyway?

When I think about TikTok two things come to mind. Recently my nephew told me that a 17 year old girl uses the app to get paid thousands of dollars per post she does. A 17 YEAR OLD. Where was this when I was a teen? Damn I could have used this to pay some bills! The second thing is that there was a scam going around that the app steals your information and uses it for blah blah know, the usual. I found it interesting that all of the people my age and above were seemingly falling for it. Am I at that age now?! Will I soon find myself in the claws of a Nigerian Prince scam?? Only time will tell.

NOW. For something a little more serious. With everything currently going on in our country, the BLM movement can cause quite a bit of tension among family and friends. Without going into detail on how I feel in this situation, because I am not trying to post my opinion, only tell a story emerging that I can see. My husband’s family is very close. His cousin is very liberal and most of the rest of the people are conservative. I have noticed that Facebook allows people to do one of the two following things: find evidence to already support their opinion OR find proof to disprove someone else’s opinion. As I have been watching this go on it has become very clear to me that social media makes it so easy to misconstrue what someone else is saying. Fights are CONSTANT. Hiding behind a keyboard allows people to say things they might not have said face to face and can spiral out of control quickly.

Facebook group moderators are in charge of conversation.

Above is a link to an article about how Black Lives Matters is watching groups and people fall apart on Facebook now. I know that I can’t go online without seeing at least one post either for or against it. It has taken over social media, at least as far as I can see on Facebook. That is a pretty huge impact when you think about how information traveled before social media made it so easy. This quick and efficient method of information allows people to hear news and give news faster than ever before. So for something to have taken over so efficiently like this, it is kind of a big deal.

Overall, I prefer to read a good book at night instead of scrolling a social media site. With the exception of Imgur, which I highly recommend anyone try. It has a great community and loads of support for people of all kinds. Some of the jokes are not for everyone, but it is good for a laugh usually.

One thing I want to point out in specific in regards to social media is this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you need help, if you feel depressed, if you feel anxious, if you just need to vent then by all means please R E A C H O U T. That is absolutely a blessing in this age of social media. I know that myself, I have needed the support than can be found online before. I hope that anyone who struggles can find a way to reach out and receive support and love, even if it be from strangers through a computer screen.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media To ME

  1. I totally agree with that Facebook has been a platform where I just keep up with old friends and family. But in the end I feel that I could live without it. When reading more into I thought that Facebook was an old platform that not a lot of people use anymore.


  2. I think your comment on the ability to deeply connect within social media leans into an important aspect marketers need to remember. People do not want to feel alone. This emotion is huge and has many nuisances to it. Being mindful of what we put out from a company or personally has the ability to hurt or harm others, because we are all seeking our “tribe.”


  3. I agree that social media is not my favorite thing to have been invented. I have appreciated having social media in the present time of a pandemic, but back in the day when we were out and about more, I really tried to stay off of it. It’s an easy time waster. I am more of a fan of it simply for keeping up with the few people I want to know about. Which — when possible, I would rather see them in person anyways.


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