Importance of Customer Service on Social Media.

Customer Service is an important part in making a business run successfully. It is important for companies to have a support team that is able to reach out to their customers to form a friendly relationship to help improve the company status. It is even more important for the support team to venture out to social media sites to get a first hand view of what others have to say about their product and form a way to make their customers happy.

“Providing customer service was once about speaking to someone in person at your place of business, or providing a phone number for customers to call if they were in need of assistance. A quick flip through the phonebook, or a glance at the sticker on the back of a product could provide someone with a direct line to your business or a physical address to visit to get their questions answered.”

Cintia Miranda

In today’s world, smart phones have made it easy to communicate with these companies just about any hour of the day. Many large companies tend to have 24 hour customer service lines, to make sure that their customers can always find the help that they may need. I think it’s important that companies make it easy to contact them whether it’s through Facebook or by phone number. Some businesses even comment back on Facebook posts when people ask questions about a service or product.

Customer Service in Social Media is an important aspect when it comes to making things work smoothly in a timely matter. People have busy life schedules and being able to contact businesses from a simple google search of their number is a very efficient way to form a relationship with a customer.

2 thoughts on “Importance of Customer Service on Social Media.

  1. Customer service is defiantly important to businesses, and the way you present your customer service will influence weather you keep or drop that customer. Customer service on social media is defiantly on the rise.


  2. This is so true. Customer service is important in any business, and you make a lot of good points about how social media is a place where customer service is necessary. I also agree with you that smart phones have made it possible to communicate with companies any time. This is why having good customer service is even more important, because customers have such easy access to companies.


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