The importance of Social Media to me.

Social media plays a huge role in today’s society. Whether it’s for personal use, or to help jumpstart a business and keep it thriving. Without having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., I don’t think we would be as influenced as we are today. Logging onto social media apps and scrolling through feed is the new way of getting news that’s relative to the categories that we are interested in as individuals. Having the opportunity to follow and see pages that we want, gives us a feed of information that we are interested in and sifts out things that may be irrelevant to us.

Sharing news through video and photos helps others interact in a more personal way. Being able to comment on others posts helps us form a online community with others that share similar interests. We are also able to google tutorials on any kind of topic you could think of. Just last week I had to google how to put a new chain collar on my dog and ended up finding the exact same collar in a video showing me how to do it. It’s amazing seeing how many people take time out of there day to post a tutorial for others to see and use virtually anywhere they are on a smartphone.

2 thoughts on “The importance of Social Media to me.

  1. You make some good points, that without social media we wouldn’t be as influenced as we are now and that it’s pretty amazing how many kinds of content people create. But I’m a little confused, what does social media mean to you? What you talked about seems pretty generalized.


  2. I think social media has changed the way we do almost everything. I think it’s true that it allows people to interact in more personal ways, and that it gives people opportunities to belong to a community. I hear people saying negative things about social media all the time, but I see a lot of positives, too.


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