Costumer Service: The Good and The Bad

There is always going to be good and bad sides to customer service. The largest factor in all of it, isn’t the employees, or even the company itself, but the customers. With customers constantly making reviews, posting about somewhere they have been and how the service was for all of their friends and family to see. Even though as a business owner, you might think that you have a lot of experience in delivering great customer service, but it doesn’t mean you are delivering a great customer service experience. Here are some good examples of what can make a good customer service experience and a bad one in the social media world.

Some examples of good customer service experience would be, thanking costumers with small gestures. Your costumers don’t always need large gestures, but just want to know they’re appreciated. In fact, mentioned on

it says 68% of costumers leave because they perceive you don’t appreciate them. You can also respond to costumer service complains before they happen. Sometimes it’s better to acknowledge an issue before it arises and let your costumers knowing you care and you’re working to fix it so it doesn’t become a problem. It is very important to apologize for your mistakes and being lighthearted about it only helps the situation greatly. Personally replying to every email lets the costumer know that you are caring enough to take time to address the issue they may be facing within your company. It shows you truly value them as costumers and care about their needs.

Now for the ugly, examples of bad costumer service. Not accepting customer feedback is a good way to lose a costumer because it’s bad enough when they have a bad experience with your business, but if they can not get the issue resolved, they can then blast their story all over social media and makes things even worse. Another example of bad costumer service is when your business runs of off stock on some items. As a costumer when you visit a store you expect to find items as advertised , so when that place is out of stock it leaves you with a frustrating experience. A few other examples of poor costumer service would be, long waits on the phone because no costumers like waiting a long time to talk to the business they are calling. Lastly, lack of knowledge of the product or policy in your business. It is understandable however if a person just gets hired and it’s their first job and they’re really nervous, but if you’ve been working there a while you should know a lot about your products. However if a person lacks on knowledge of the businesses products and they don’t know the policy after some time then they should be trained again.

As you can see the list could go on and on about bad costumer service, as an owner you want to make sure all of your employees are treating their customers with the outer most respect. Although the costumer isn’t always right, you have to pretend that they are so that the issue can get resolved in a kindly manner.

“It takes months to find a good costumer, and a second to lose one”

Vince Lombardi