Designing Content for Social Media

“Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms.”

Simon Mainwaring

Branding is one of the most important parts of any business. An effective strategy that gives you an edge in increasingly competitive markets. Making a brand can be difficult and time consuming. For example, defining your brand. What it stand for, the benefits and features for it and what the customers could already think of your brand. I’m in the Design and Graphic degree and I have learned of how to create a brand and knowing the steps to it.

What I did was creating a brief and then a strategy. For the brief, it’s the basics of the logo, color and meaning. The field of my interest is either to illustrate comic book or being a concept artist. Then I work towards on the logo. For my logo, I had an idea of a soul orb. Got the idea from Japanese culture. I made it simple but I sort of change the logo now. To me, I want it to represent the passion of illustrating from ideas. When making a logo, it’s difficult for me to put words in a logo. I can illustrate a logo but not using words. I have to keep in mind that a logo have text and image.

The steps is knowing the who, what, where, how and when. Knowing this will can help of who you may targeted to and how it’s going to be started. For the who, it’s to identify your target market. Knowing who you want to target to and it can determine of what your brand is. For the what, it’s your brand message. It’s a way to inspire your brand message. For the where, knowing where the brand will be sent. For example, a website or other social media. For the how, it’s how to promote your brand message. Following people on social media from companies that you want to work with in the future. For the when, it’s when knowing to promote it. Knowing when to launch the website and social media.

When I did my brand strategy, it was difficult for me to know the who, what, where, how and when. For the who, I wanted to target the people that I’m interested in. Knowing some agencies or business that are in my interests. For the what, the brand message was that I want it to be making a world out of ideas and stories. For the where, it was a little difficult since I don’t have any social media. But if I do had any, I putted Instagram and Twitter. Since it could be easier as an illustrator, to post my work and portfolio. I also add Webtoon since it’s comic based. Where you can create your own story. For the how, it was a little difficult but I could follow the people that are also in my interest. I could follow companies and other agencies. For the when, planning of the time I should launch the promotions. Saying launching the website and social media simultaneously.

After launching your brand, you also have to know the risk and how to handle it. Some risk that could be not sticking with the brand. For example, jumping around from different subjects. Another one is probably important but to listen and interact with your audience. When not doing any of those, it could hurt the brand. The last one might be that you can’t satisfy everyone. Target the people that your brand is targeted to.

Staying true to your brand and knowing the risk that could effect the brand. Planning out your brand to make sure everything goes well.

2 thoughts on “Designing Content for Social Media

  1. When creating a logo there is a lot to think about. You have to think about what the company or brand is and stands for. And so on. But when creating something for shearing it’s smart to remember that not everything you create will make everyone happy. I found that keeping it simple is the best.


  2. Yes, I think staying true to your brand is so important. Even in an intended direction there is always some fluctuation in the what and how of your content. Staying true to what your brand stands for helps you to connect with those of your audience that are committed to that brand.


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