Content Marketing: Beneficiality, Developing Strategy, and Mitigating Risks

This week, I found myself particularly interested in the topic of designing content for social media communications, so I wanted to reflect on what I learned. I think it is important to define, specifically what we are looking at to be able to substantially reflect and apply to your business or in your life. Today, I specifically want to discuss content marketing. Stephen and Bart label, in depth, the important role of content marketing,

“At the heart of owned social media is content. After all, if you’re a brand and you want to communicate with your followers on Twitter, what can you really do without content? You need to say something. And that’s where the content marketing comes in. In simple terms, content marketing is a form of non-traditional marketing communications whereby a brand produces or designs content in various forms (e.g., text, images, video, audio) and disseminates that content to target audiences and/or customers. Importantly, content marketing is about content design and dissemination. In other words, you have to think about what the content will say (or look like or sound like) and how to get that content out to the target segment”

Social Media Marketing: Principles and Strategies by Andrew Stephen , Ph.D. and Yakov Bart , Ph.D. on

This chapter on social media marketing breaks down content marketing, why it’s worthwhile, and identifying and mitigating the risks involved. I would like to reflect on the information presented in terms of my own new entrepreneur endeavor and how to apply it to my social media feeds.

We’ve already discussed what content marketing is, so now I want to get into why it’s worthwhile and what that looks like. Content marketing allows an individual lots of control in designing what gets put out. This allows them to create content that is directly in line with their vision for the brand overall. It is marketing that easily adapts to its ever-changing climate, and I find this aspect of social media marketing even more beneficial to someone who is pursuing their own small or online business or just a personal “brand” like me. As someone who has developed a newer sense of what I want my “audience” to be, and who has found a small niche they want to create content for, it is incredible to have social media here for me to easily reach out to my audience at little to no cost. 

I think that fits in directly with identifying and mitigating the risks involved with content marketing as well. People might not always care about what you post, so knowing what my audience is interested in seeing on social media is important. For example, I know some people who follow me from school probably aren’t watching and engaging with all of my content, but the audience I seek is with the people who have similar values as me, people who come to social media to consciously consume and create. Knowing this helps me design the content, and allows me to stay in line with my brand because I get to make the decisions across the board. Another risk involved is people just missing your posts because of timing. This is a little more difficult to control just because the breakdown of time people spend on social media is not an exact science. Luckily there are websites like, that analyze your Twitter account and feed and help you determine the best times to tweet to reach the audience you intend, and that helps you schedule and manage your content to grow your presence. This all in combination of performing audits is a strong way to defend yourself and your brand from the risks of social media marketing. Performing audits yourself by digging into your older posts and sorting through what content, style, and timing seemed to receive the most reactions and engagement.

Understanding the groundwork and process of content marketing has definitely helped me with knowing how I want to move forward with my own content on Instagram as I develop my brand, and reflecting on how I can apply this to my life as I move forward with my new business has given me a more clear idea on how I want to put my plans into action and persisting despite the risks involved.