Quality over Quantity

Quality is not an act, it is a habit” –Aristotle


When reading through both chapter 3 and 4 I felt that one of the easiest questions Iv ever had to answer was being brought up, and not until reading these two comparative chapters did I realize how much it went into having a brand.  When it comes to longevity of a company it comes down to quality, not quantity.  Of course in certain aspects of business it does come down to quantity, but not when it comes to image.  Through this blog I will be in a way putting some of the questions and topics into a sort of hierarchy that will reflect how reaching the ultimate goal of quality and disregarding quantity(to a limit) is the most important part of a social media audit and assessment. 

To start of this post I would like to go over a few of the questions from the general overview of the social media audit.  First off the main question is what objectives are you trying to reach.  This being the biggest question, I’d like to relate it to three of the four “P’s” of marketing which I believe are the three cornerstones for marketing on social media platforms in relation to a brand.  The first P is, product, Though the ultimate goal is to have a measurable metric to show success, but coming from a marketing standpoint the first goal needs to be establishing value of the product or service that you are promoting.  Of course putting a mediocre campaign about how many different products or services a company can provide on as many social media platforms is one tactic, but creating a value of the product(brand) will be something that lingers in the mind of consumers.  I believe this lingering view of quality will establish buying this product and being part of this brand a goal and an achievement of the consumer.



The next two of the P’s that I would like to talk about are Place and Promotion which in the context of quality over quantity go hand in hand.  As to not get fixated on the countless metrics that can be used to establish value of a social media marketing campaign, guarantee a quality placement and promotions are being used. This may be a difficult task without focusing on research and metric measurements from previous social media marketing, but is probably why only 15% of senior markers can quantitate social media metrics.  The need to have individuals who are versed in social media branding and have roots in social media are the ones that need to be targeted for the placement and promotion in regards to social media marketing.  


In conclusion, weather its establishing a value of time or money into social media or trying to quantitate its relevance, the most important thing remains quality.  Establishing a quality in both a product and how its presented on social media is the only way to guarantee success, allowing successful action instead of reaction.

2 thoughts on “Quality over Quantity

  1. Great post,
    I loved the graph you shared about the different annoyances businesses post. I can’t stand when a company posts numerous promotions; I understand they want to get their business name in the public and they want to be able to gain customers from such posts, but after a while certain companies begin to look desperate. It’s one thing to post a promotion every day, it’s another thing when they are posting 2, 3, 4 times a day. I also avoid companies that lack personality; I go on social media for entertainment, I look at ads that are catchy and interesting, not dull and boring.


  2. Hi,

    I have first hand experience with creating quality posts on social media. The business I currently work for has a good social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram. The social media platforms for the business are run by one person, the owner. The owner has chosen herself to run the social media platforms because she believes that it is easier for her to monitor her own content to ensure its quality versus having multiple people posting. Although at one point, the owner did allow a few of the employees to have access to the social media platforms, but soon changed that in order to have more consistent looking posts. I know that if the owner were to ever allow another person to help with the businesses social media presence she will have specifications on what can and cannot be posted on the two platforms. I agree that creating quality posts on social media is important.

    Thank you for sharing!


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