It’s Mostly Just About Me


Let’s start off with the speech, “Hi, my names Mackenzie but I just go by Kenzie.” Since graduating from high school in 2015, I have never lived in one place longer than a year. I grew up in Kaukauna, and everyone knows when they hit Kaukauna by how horrid it smells. No it’s not a garbage dump, it’s just Kaukauna. I move to Iron Mountain Michigan a few times, and ALWAYS over winter. Don’t. Do it. I was blessed to spend one summer there, and it was beautiful. I have a Golden Retriever who will be three years old at the end of February. His name is Honda, like the dirt bike not the car. This past August Honda and I moved to Marinette Wisconsin. We live with a 5-year-old chihuahua brother named Bentley and my boyfriend Chris.

I started school full time through NWTC Marinette immediately after moving. I started by applying for Accounting Assistant and realized how much more I wanted to learn. I wish I never would have taken a break from school, but I needed to find my direction. Right out of high school I had applied for Culinary Arts through Fox Valley Technical College. I was lucky enough to be given a private tour with a chef at the school. He advised me NOT to go for food. I quickly switched to business and dropped out 3 weeks in. Three years later, I now am in the Accounting Assistant technical diploma, and Professional Sales technical Diploma. I noticed I only needed one last class to earn to Customer Service certificate, so why not right? That’s what brought me to this class. On the side of all that, I am taking classes for the Entrepreneur Certificate. I plan to graduate fall 2020.

My new-found stability has given me to the opportunity to try and become self-employed. Over this past winter break I start flipping furniture and became 4gotten Furniture. Chris and I both have dreamed of flipping houses. We are on the finishing touches of our house this Spring and plan to start 4gotten Homes, back in Iron Mountain, Michigan. He hopes, but I PLAN to be debt free by 30 years old.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”(Proverb)

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Stukent Textbook

I found chapter 2 very interesting in the test and trials done trying to find what connects whom. Being active, inactive, high followings, beginners; What hubs and pumps are. I’d say lately I have been in the hub. Many of my Instagram followers are former friends from high school days. I’d like to say I hated her, but I more feel bad for my old self. I hadn’t trusted my gut. Engaged in High school, owning a house at 19, getting the dog, sending out save the dates, until the record started skipping and my world fell apart. I understand I cannot change what I had done then and can only improve now. I became interested in reaching out and branding myself. A secret for you readers. I reached out to an athletic company on Instagram with 300++K following and they agreed to me modeling their new clothing line coming out soon. I want to continue to learn how to become better at branding and promoting myself through social media to give myself the best boost I possibly can. After reading chapter 2, I hopped online and shared a new post from every social media page I have.

Did you guys notice how our whole electronic world start in 2004? I could say our whole world. Where do you look for news? Facebook. Creeping on people who just took beautiful photos on a trip? Instagram. “OMG where did you get the idea?!” Pinterest. Celebrity Gossip. Twitter. And of course, we ALL waste a few hours on YouTube every now and then. It is unimaginable to me what the world would do if all platforms shut down for a day.

To wrap up my first ever blog post, not only am I always excited for new challenges and opportunities, but I am excited to take what I learn and use it to further my dreams. I was once told I would be nothing without someone else and I strive everyday to prove them wrong. My dad taught me not to say it unless I am willing to do it. I will become someone great. Finding NWTC and starting school is offering the people and resources I need to become who I want to be. I really am that nerd excited about going to class every day.

Sources: Quote from English Proverbs. Last photo taken from Stukent Textbook Chapter 1

6 thoughts on “It’s Mostly Just About Me

  1. Hi Kenzie, great post. Flipping homes is a great idea, especially the way the market has been flourishing the last few years. I had to laugh about your Kaukauna comment; I can definitely tell when I’m close, because the smell hits you like a ton of bricks. I too took classes that I’m not using; I graduated in 2016 with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, but after dabbling in Real Estate, I’ve realized I’m no longer interested in being in such a thankless career. Good luck with everything, by the way your dogs are super cute.

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  2. Hey Kenzie, I was surprised with your heading so much, it is very catchy 😀

    Also, the proverb you have mentioned reminds me with how I’m home sick and still I have to go on with the challenge that I have chosen when I decided to leave my country and continue my studies here

    Thanks for the unintended reminder 😀

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  3. Hi Kenzie!

    I love the hands on aspect of your furniture flip. It must be very satisfying to have a recreate a piece and then have someone want to buy it. Your vision is inspiring.

    I also have a golden that my children named Thor. He come to work with me every day. He is far from brave, but he is absolutely blonde and beautiful.

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  4. Hi Kenzie!
    This is amazing!! I love how dedicated you are and I’m sure you’ll do well in the future! I thought it was very interesting as well how social media pretty much started in 2004. It feels like it all stared long, long ago.
    -Kim 🙂
    P.S. I love your dogs! ❤

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  5. Kenzie that is awesome that you and your boyfriend are trying something together. I feel like flipping houses is a very good business to get into. Look at Chip and Joanna Gaines, they started out small and now they are internet sensations. You just gotta keep doing it for the fun of it and eventually, 4gottenHomes will take off. You guys could be the next Chip and Joanna. I know how you feel about moving during the Winter. My family moved to Wisconsin in the Middle of January. The weather was exactly like how it is currently, very cold and a lot of snow. That combination ruined my mom’s perception of the state forever and now after 17 years, we are finally in the process of moving back to Georgia.


    1. I would love to be Chip and Joanna! Maybe less shiplap in the midwest. And if I ever was forced to move from Georgia to Wisconsin at -30, I probably wouldn’t talk to my parents. I hope wisconsin was bearable for you.


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